The Senator’s Family Series #2

New Release

If there is one thing Senator Howard Dutton hates, it’s scandal and all that it entails, juicy gossip, paparazzi, tabloid magazines, and the likes that could negatively affect his career, especially before a re-election campaign. A family man with political ambitions, he’s happily married to a beautiful woman and he adores his four sons, David, Joshua, Ethan, and Brian, and his only daughter, Julia. Fiercely protecting his stellar reputation, he taught his children at an early age to work hard and avoid disreputable people.

Always elegant and generous, Nancy is the perfect senator’s wife, involved in many charitable events, in addition to her successful career as a lawyer. While in college, the children made him proud, and managed to overcome their many brushes with scandal. David, Joshua, Ethan, and Julia are settled with families of their own.

If only he could say the same about the relatives who add their share of problems and his youngest son, Brian who’s doing his best to complicate his father’s life.

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