In Time for Christmas

FREE Nov. 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

A Sweet Romance with Humor and Emotion–Dr. Sylvia Reynolds promised to be at her parents’ house in time for Christmas dinner. With a blizzard paralyzing the Midwest, flights are canceled and passengers are trapped in airports for endless hours. While rushing toward the gate, Sylvia stumbles on a baby rattle, sprawls on the floor, and meets a gorgeous man and his baby niece.

James Alexander must deliver his five-month-old niece to her grandmother. The successful lawyer, who doesn’t know the ABCs of baby care, is at his wits’ end with the crying baby. Sylvia helps as much as she can. The motherless baby holds on to her for sheer survival. And James simply holds her in his arms…

Can Sylvia turn her life and career upside down for Baby Clementine and for James who wants her to stay with him for reasons he has trouble explaining?

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