Writing the Cover Blurb, by Nancy Radke

On many book covers, you will notice a short blurb which tells a little bit about the story inside. I always try to include a cover blurb, although sometimes I forget to add one.


Writing the blurb isn’t as easy as it may seem. I’ve found that I cannot write a satisfying blurb until the book is almost finished, which makes it difficult to get a book cover done and ready as soon as I should. I still haven’t written one for the last cozy mystery I’m working on, but there is no rush on that story, so I’ll just wait.

Of all my books, my favorite blurb is for the cover of A Tennessee Christmas. “Good memories are the diamonds of your mind.” This story is about a father who had lost his little boy and is getting ready to sell his house because of the memories it contains. But these memories are almost all good and it takes the heroine to help him realize this.

Another blurb that I liked was for the book Scorpion’s Trail. “Danger wears a mask. Nothing is as it seems.” This mystery featured an undercover agent who would change identities as well as his appearance. The heroine worried because she felt she was falling in love with two different men.

The danger-ridden book Trouble Never Knocks has the blurb “It’s hard to leave the past behind.” For the book Changing Horses, I used “First love is not always the best.” The lighthearted book The Holiday has “House swap; hers came with a man.” None of the blurbs are interchangeable, since my stories are all so different.

What book have you read that first attracted you with its blurb?

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