My Cozy Mystery Plans for 2023 by @_NancyRadke

I started writing the first chapter of my cozy mystery story, number 3 in the series, about the sheriff and Jenna and her dog named Lucky. Here’s an excerpt from the first page, when Sheriff Craig is on patrol. Lucky has come along for the ride. It is snowing heavily and getting dark out.

Jenna’s dog, Lucky, had appropriated the passenger seat of his Range Rover, the vehicle he used most often for his patrol duties. The black Lab was staring through the windshield as if considering the fact that the white sedan in front of them had both brake lights out. A dangerous problem that increased with the snow and the darkness.

Any Lucky Dog Cozy Mystery Series

Cozy Mystery

This series is set in eastern Washington in the Palouse Hills, which are an extension of the low mountains called the Blue Mountains. The first two books had the dead bodies found in the mountains:  Any Lucky Dog Can Follow a Trail of Blood and Any Lucky Dog Can Find a Missing Child.

I used to write more than one book at a time. Although, I don’t know if I’ll get back to that or not as I had congestive heart failure in 2020 and it really slowed me down, both mentally and physically. I wrote three books last year, but it was a struggle, so I plan to only write two this year. If I can do more than that, I will. This will be the last of my Lucky Dog series.

There are a couple of other series that I’d like to add to. I’d like to do at least one more of the Golden Legacy series (since they almost write themselves) and a couple more of the Brothers’ series that I write with my son. The Brothers of Spirit includes Keeping Tatum Safe, which is on pre-order now (ending on Feb.10th). This is about Evan, another of Hugo’s brothers, who has joined the Secret Service.

Keeping Tatum Safe

The Golden Legacy: Great Wealth’s Dangers by @_NancyRadke

April might be rainy in other parts of the US, but in Seattle this year we have had some spectacular days, warm and sunny, causing our flowers and flowering trees to burst into bloom. The birds have burst into song, and I’m waiting for the moment when I, as a writer, will burst into words. So far it hasn’t happened.

The only way to write is to start writing, so that is what I’m trying to do, but I find my story has gone south the way of the geese and hasn’t flown back north yet. One of the reasons might be that I just finished a book, Dangerous Inheritance, which is my second book as part of the Golden Legacy series.

The Golden Legacy


Now Selling on Amazon

The set, The Golden Legacy, is now available for Kindle readers. This set consists of five books, with two of them (contemporaries) having been written by me. These are all rags to riches stories, almost Cinderella types, where one of the protagonists comes into a fabulous legacy. The riches have a curse attached as well as a blessing, requiring the inheritor to spend the money in certain ways. Use it wrongly, and you lose the money as well as what you already have. Because sudden wealth is often looked on with suspicion, the theme has a built-in element of danger.

The authors in this series have spanned time from the 1700s up to modern day. Suzanne’s book has a seaman getting part of the treasure. He uses it after a slave rebellion to rescue a woman he admires.

Twist of Fate

Rebecca’s story centers around a young man trying to raise his daughter and save his race horse business. The book is set in the 1800s. The young woman who helps him becomes the fulfillment of his dreams.

Race for the Gold

My two stories are contemporary, with people trying to get the woman and the money. Dangerous Inheritance (not published anywhere else) forces the hero to choose between the legacy and the woman he loves.

Nancy Radke The Golden Legacy

Katy Walters book bounces between two centuries, using a time portal and the legacy as a common item.

the price of love

Click the image below to learn more about this series and buy all five books for just 99¢.

The Golden Legacy