Find the Perfect Second Chance Romance this Memorial Day

What better way to enjoy the long weekend coming up than with a romantic escape? Whether you’re looking for something light-hearted or a steamy page-turner, there’s no shortage of romance books available for Memorial Day weekend. How about one of my favorite tropes, a second-chance romance?

Memorial Day

Here are a few tips on how to find the perfect romance that’s sure to keep you turning the pages all weekend long.


When it comes to finding your next great read, first ask for help! Reading reviews from trusted sources such as Amazon and Goodreads can help you narrow down your choices and decide which book is right for you. If you know someone who loves romance novels, ask them what they recommend or follow their reviews online—chances are they have recommendations that will suit your taste.

Pay Attention to Writing Style

When looking for the perfect second chance romance, read samples. What type of language is used in the dialogue and description. If it doesn’t seem like a good fit, move on—there are lots of romances available.

Read Between the Lines

A book cover tells a lot. It’s more than just an image—it can also give you clues to the tone and themes of the story. For example, if a book has a red background with two people embracing under an umbrella, chances are it’s going to be a sweet romance about two people overcoming obstacles together. If it has a blue background with two people standing apart but looking at each other longingly, it could indicate that this is a love story with dramatic tension.

Whether you’re looking for something light-hearted or more intense, finding the perfect second chance romance isn’t difficult. With careful research, paying attention to writing style and reading between the lines, anyone can find their next great read this Memorial Day weekend.

Go ahead and give yourself permission for some much-deserved relaxation this Memorial Day because you deserve it! And don’t forget that nothing says ‘romance’ like curling up on the couch with your next favorite read. Enjoy!

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Come on now… is climate change really REAL??

On sale at 1/3 off – only $0.99 cents until July 11th.

For many years I’ve had this ongoing discussion with neighbors, acquaintances, and friends, and many have argued that what’s been happening in our world is just the normal cycle of the planet’s climate. That we’ve always had changes in our weather, and maybe we shouldn’t freak out over this natural occurrence.

Me being a stubborn… ahhh lady 😊 I would make a rude sound and get right in their face, reminding them that being interested is not… “freaking out”.


I’d point out that having a record of ‘this or that’ is fine, accepted, and not something to worry about. But when the last 18 out of 20 years shows a total rise in normal temperatures, pretty much across the globe, then to me… that is a TREND. And a trend is not something we want to see happening this quickly. If these weather changes were to occur over hundreds, even thousands of years…. No biggie. Right??

But that’s not what is happening, is it? These changes have been transpiring much faster than even our maligned scientists have predicted. They said there’d be consequences. They warned us.

And they were right. It scares the living bejesus out of me. Oh, not so much for myself as I’m in my twilight years. But what about my son, my daughter, their kids, and those beautiful little babies being born in the world today? Who’s going to protect them? 

Who’s going to keep our world safe for them?

My son says I’m Mrs. Doomsday. He’s probably right. But I have a heat pump in my house and when our temperatures hit the unfamiliar high ranges again this summer as it did last year… and when he comes over to cool off, I’ll remind him of my fears. 😊

Mrs. Doomsday – bah!!

In my book called “Dear Hottie” I couldn’t help myself… I did add in a weather anomaly just because they’re…. well…. real!

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