1. Make a thorough menu plan each week and stick to it. This will reduce your temptation to impulse buy. If you’re an impulsive person, you might want to order your groceries on-line. Do a pick-up rather than wander the aisles and test your resolve. Groceries
  2. If you shop at a Publix or a store where they do BOGO, buy one get one free, then take advantage of it! Freeze the second item for another day. If you don’t want what’s on sale, buy only what you do. Time to check your grocery list to see if the items are on it first.
  3. If you have small independent grocery stores near you, like we have in Florida, you will find the prices are nearly cut in half, especially for vegetables and fruit—not to mention the price of Wine. Trust me, by the end of the week you’ll be ready for a bottle or two.
  4. Next is going generic. No more high end food for you unless you spend a dollar to buy a lottery ticket and win big, like over twenty dollars or so!
  5. When creating your list each week be sure to add your children’s and husband’s favorite treats. We all can’t just live on love, and believe the Beatles that love is all we need.
  6. It would be a good idea to make the planned food for six days. Then, order in pizza or Chinese dinner on the seventh.
  7. Have you ever had a veggie smoothie? They are delicious and don’t taste like carrots and celery at all. Yummy, creamy, I thought I was drinking fruit through a straw.

You’re all probably rolling your eyes right now. So I’ll send you to Allrecipes who has more than 160 vegetable smoothie recipes with reviews and tips!

Ladies, one more tip. As you wait for your children to come home from school, sample a few delicious smoothies and read a good book. The Authors’ Billboard (ABB) has over thirty boxsets with multiple books from NYTimes and USAT today bestselling authors—for only $.99!!

And now that’s a bargain!