In 1967 the film adaptation of CAMELOT was brought to screen. Richard Burton and Julia Andrew had been in the original score on Broadway but they both declined their roles on screen.


Harris and Redgrave

Richard Harris and Vanessa Redgrave stepped in for the leading roles and created the most compelling, romantic, and heartbreaking tale of all time—in my humble opinion. I had just graduated from high school that year and was a starry-eyed dreamer and a romantic at heart. This fantasy world of Camelot swept me away. The passion, the glory, and the sweetest, the most wonderful music I had ever heard.

The story of how King Author met Guinevere in the forest on the day they were to be married was beautifully written, poignant and endearing.  I fell in love with this beautiful, innocent couple immediately.

Franco Nero

Until the gorgeous Lancelot (Franco Nero) the most noble of knights, showed up to join King Author’s Round Table, everything was peachy keen, and a bed of roses. Guinevere disliked his arrogance at first, until she saw him bring a man back to life following a jousting match, and how humble and decent the man was.  Chaos and heartbreak destroyed King Author’s dream of the Round Table, where every man was considered equal. This beautiful musical stole my heart. And from the age of eighteen until now, Camelot has held me entranced. They’ll never be a place as wonderful as Camelot.

The play returned to the theater at the Lincoln Center in New York. Recently, I was able to see it with my daughter and her extremely talented actress young daughter.  Hopefully it will go on tour and delight a whole new audience of dreamers and music lovers. If you get the chance, go see it. Surround yourself with this classic tale of a man’s dream to create a new order. Where all men are considered equal. What a wonderful world it would be.