My 100th Published Novel


EYES OF THE TIGER, my 100th book, is not a story that came easily to me. I got the idea when I saw my first Bollywood movie, Om Shanti Om. The theme of karma and reincarnation generated ideas for a reincarnation romantic thriller. It took an amazing amount of research, multiple tries to get it right and an incredible developmental editor who helped me see at last what I needed to do to make it an unforgettable story. Throughout the process, the story obsessed me.

Gems and jewelry speak to Gemma Hewitt, inspire her designs, and send her across the globe to seek out historic pieces. After her mother is brutally murdered, Gemma inherits her famed jeweled collar, which she hopes will lead her to her mother’s killer. Instead, she’s thrown back to 1901 India where she sees a young woman (Mayura) about to be married with a pendant that matches the collar. When she’s hired to find the entire bridal suite, she hopes she can use the jewels to save her family’s fortune. Can she trust the handsome, enigmatic British reporter/photographer Raj Sinclair who promises to help her on her quest, or is he the one she should be running from?

The gems and jewels of Mayura’s bridal suite create both the danger in the story and the link to three past lilves during the British Raj. For the jewels, I chose to use the stones of the Navagraha, which represent the planets that have a cosmic influence on humans.

The collar’s main stone is a ruby, which represents the sun to bring light into a life. The ring, with an emerald as it’s central stone, governs communications, travel and knowledge. The hathpool’s pearl indicates psychic abilities. The yellow sapphires of the earrings bring good fortune. The coral of the tikka give one the strength and courage to meet strife and struggle. The blue sapphire of the baju bands (armbands) indicate change and misfortune. The kammarband with its hessonite makes the wearer potent enough to fight enemies.

The most important part of the bridal jewelry is the mangal sutra, which is not worn by the bride before the marriage. Rather, it is tied by her husband around her neck as a symbol of their union. Mayura’s mangal sutra is a string of black beads and a central diamond, which governs love. Each piece of the bridal jewelry was marked by a tiger’s head on the reverse side, it’s eyes cat’s eye gems. It’s designer was said to imbue his work with his magic.

I already had the idea and much of the research done when I traveled to India with another author and her husband in 2010. There I learned so much of what I couldn’t know from book/Internet research. I absorbed the sights and sounds and the people (who must be the most polite people in the world). We stayed in hotels that were once palaces, toured forts with incredible artwork especially in the separate quarters for women, and thrilled to a stay at a tiger preserve.

Over the next year, I began writing the story between contracts but I stalled out for quite a while. Still, my story of a love that wouldn’t die refused to let me be. I finally spent an entire year writing the book while working on other projects. I was thrilled that my obsession paid off when I went to contract with Tule Publishing Group.


Now it’s time to celebrate EYES OF THE TIGER in digital and print formats, and to knowing this very special book to me is my 100th published novel.






One Lifetime Was Not Enough

I have been endlessly fascinated if somewhat afraid of the supernatural. No matter the fear, I continued to be drawn to the supernatural in movies and books, and the first chance I had, I started writing paranormal and urban fantasy romances. WRITTEN IN THE STARS, co-authored with Sherrill Bodine, gave me a chance to explore the idea of reincarnation, something I love, love.

WITS.FB6I truly believe justice should be served, but as we know, that doesn’t always happen. Some people live a good life and don’t get what they deserve. Same with people who live a bad life. So I love the Hindu concept of reincarnation and karma. Basically, we reap what we sow. The reincarnated villain finally must pay for the evil he did in the past.

More importantly, Elizabeth and Will must be reunited again in new lives. Cordelia Ward follows their journey through the journal of her ancestress Elizabeth. To start, Cordelia is  the part of me that is a skeptic. But slowly, through the journal and precognative dreams, she begins to realize she might have a deeper connection than she ever suspected…

Excerpt from Written in the Stars:

The part of me which never dies will find Will at last. Know that if I combed the earth and searched through the galaxies for eternity there is no being I would want but this one. And so it shall be when once again passion beats between us like a living force.
I long for this with every breath I draw. Yet I have foreseen that once again Carlyle’s evil shall rip us asunder. Do not be so bewitched by enchantment that you believe all danger is past. For you and I are one.

Feeling as if she’d just seen The Celestine sink through Elizabeth’s eyes—a supernatural feat on her ancestress’s part that took away her breath—Cordelia set down the journal in the middle of her bunk. Her own abilities of having precognitive dreams and a brush with telekinesis were dwarfed by comparison.

Elizabeth had written: That future is for you to write for it is set firm in your stars. And: For you and I are one.

Had Elizabeth meant her specifically? Cordelia wondered. Was she the you in the journal? Was she meant to fulfill Elizabeth’s destiny and find her Will?
Or was it the Will, as in Will reincarnated? Was she Elizabeth reborn?

All along, the journal had drawn her closer and closer to the past. The dreams had taken her to another level, had shown her what she now believed to be true.
At first she’d been afraid to believe. Never having known that kind of love, she hadn’t been open to it. But that last dream had convinced her, had seduced her in new ways. She wanted its promise. Needed it. And only one man could give it to her. Which man? she wondered, hoping it would be the one who had her heart.

Open your mind and you will know what is true…

Had she really heard a woman’s voice? “Elizabeth?”

Written in the Stars is at a special price of 99 cents through October 28.


Good reading!

Patricia Rosemoor