The Beauty of … Honeybees by @JosieRiviera

Have you ever thought about honeybees and what they do? It’s so much more than simply making honey, although creating delicious nectar is special.

Bees play a major role in everything from our food to cotton supplies. A full 70% of the world’s agriculture depends on bees to transfer pollen and help fertilize the plants. If bees were to become extinct, the impact would be felt on everything from the food supply, cotton production, to the global economy.

What can we do to protect bees and save the world?

  • Buy local honey. It supports the beekeepers and helps them to have more hives, with more bees to pollinate the crops.
  • Plant bee-friendly plants such as morning glories, sunflowers, clover, lavender, and phlox.
  • Have a bee bath. A simple dish with water and a place for the bees to sit as they drink the water.
  • Avoid pesticides in your garden.

Be kind to these beautiful little creatures and they will be kind to us.

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