The Original Welsh Cakes Recipe by @KatyWalters07

Welsh cakes are a traditional food for the Welsh.  They stem from the flatbread baked on a griddle. Below I offer you the original Welsh Cakes Recipe.

Welsh Cakes Recipe

They are practical and so delicious. The small round flat cakes gained popularity in the nineteenth century when used as a food supplement for the miners in the coal pits. They were easily wrapped and carried by the miners in their lunch tins. Along with the homecooked meat and fish pies in rich pastry, these delicious fruited cakes were a treat for the miners during their long hours working underground. The cakes were thickly spread with fresh butter and helped fill a hungry miner’s stomach.

A Family Favorite

This recipe has always been a favorite in my family.  The grandchildren also love them. Spread the cakes with fresh butter and eat them warm.

Using a griddle or bakestone, cook the cakes for about three minutes on each side. If you do not have a griddle or a bakestone, use your frying pan or oven. Keep an eye on the cakes and test for firmness. They should be a light golden.

Recipe for Welsh Cakes

8 ounces of self-raising flour

4 ounces of fresh butter, room temperature

2 dessert spoons of currants or mixed dried fruit to your liking.

1 fresh egg.

Some people like to coat the cooked cakes with sugar, but it depends on your family’s taste buds.

Next time I will deliver some more scrumptious recipes baked in Wales throughout the centuries.

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Kingley Vale by Katy Walters @KatyWalters07

In Kingley Vale, near Chichester in West Sussex, England, nestles an ancient forest of yews over 2,000 years old, believed to be the oldest living organisms in Great Britain. Above this prehistoric combe stand The Kings Graves, otherwise known as the Devil’s Humps. They are supposed to be the graves of Anglo Saxon Kings and marauding Vikings. Kingley Vale

It is said the ghosts of ancient Druids haunt the forest, mingling with the slain Anglo-Saxons. For some, it is a place of spiritual healing, for others a place of mystery and beauty.

Kingley Vale

Kingley Vale treads into my heart,

Its paths of loam roam arteries,

Twigs carve through capillaries.

Falling leaves, sleeve the skin.

Ancient peat, fleshing feet.

Roots grope the hungering breath,

Feeding, raising Sorcerer and Druid.

Slain sacrificial maid long dead,

Leavens the bread of my emptiness.

Ghouls whisper in death stench groves,

Of Wicca, the Priestess, the dagger.

Owl’s eyes light the night, as the raven cries,

Covering terror’s screams and death’s moans,

On stone altar the ravaging Warlock groans.

Moon Mother throws her silver lance,

Elf and fairy, gnome and crone,

Leap and weep in the ecstasy of dance.

The steel ping of the coca cola tin,

Snaps my reverie,

Kingley Vale treads gently

Back into the caverns of my soul

Whispering, forever, whispering.

Copyright: Katy Walters: 1998

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Kingley Vale