A “De-Stress” Strategy

In recent times, I’ve come under a great deal of stress that is connected mainly with work and writing deadlines.

And as I was telling someone yesterday, creativity is a funny thing. When I’m stressed, I go through a non-productive phase where I procrastinate, and nothing gets done. Then I get frantic as my deadline approaches, and some time after that I settle down and accomplish what I was fretting about not completing.

I’ve come to realize that’s the time it’s important to have a level head – when stress is knocking down the door. Also, it becomes critical to manage my reactions and emotions. I don’t practice a range or relaxation methods, but I do try to include activities in my schedule that are beneficial to my state of mind and stress level.

Aside from exercising and watching re-runs of favorite comedies, I enjoy observing nature. The result is that I have hundreds, if not thousands of photos of nature at her finest. Living in a tropical country means plants are always in bloom and as something of a shutterbug, I’m always prepared for whatever catches my eyes.

Yesterday on my second trip out of the house for the day, I saw these beauties, which made me think that just like people, each has its unique quality. Capturing their beauty took my mind off my issues and reminded me to be grateful, which lifted my spirit and brought back my optimism.

What are some activities that help to restore your balance?

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