Inspirational Quotes on Autumn by @PatriceWilton

Everyone of us know the beauty that abounds in the glorious season of Autumn.
When asked, the most common answer is: It’s my favorite time of the year. Even the
great poets and writers have offered many inspirational quotes on the season.
Inspirational quotes
Here is a few of my favorites quotes, from names you will know and others you may not.
“It was a beautiful bright autumn day, with air like cider and a sky so blue you could
drown in it.” – Diana Gabaldon, Outlander
“Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the autumn tree.” – Emily Brontë
“Autumn leaves are falling, filling up the streets; golden colors on the lawn, nature’s trick
or treat!” – Rusty Fischer
“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about
the earth seeking the successive autumns.”
– George Eliot
“Dancing of the autumn laves on a surface of a lake is a dream we see when we are
– Mehmet Murat Idles
Living in Florida, I don’t see the miraculous change in the foliage, but I lived the first
thirty years of my life in Vancouver, Canada, and then six years in New Jersey in the
nineties–so it is still very vivid to me. I also just returned from a short trip to Maine
where the leaves were starting to burst with color–a truly beautiful state that was a
pleasant change from the heat and humidity we Floridians experience almost every day!
Enjoy the beautiful photos from wherever you are!
Happy Autumn to all of you.
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The Miracle of Writing by @PatriceWilton

You might wonder what spurs an idea that evolves into a book? What is the miracle of writing? How do prolific authors keep coming up with plot after plot? And exciting new adventures. Characters that have depth, conflict, emotional turmoil. And then create that black moment when everything falls to pieces. Only to turn it around with a resolution that will make readers sigh with pleasure. This might not be a Gone With The Wind, but authors repeat this sequence of events book after book, and year after year.

The Miracle of Writing

It’s quite boggling, isn’t it? I have been writing for thirty years, published for the past seventeen. Never in my life would I have thought that was possible. I have written at least thirty romance novels—Romantic Comedy, Romantic Suspense, Women’s Fiction, and Contemporary Romance. 

Currently, I have moved from Romance to Cozy Mysteries. I co-write with my brilliant writing partner, Traci Hall. We write our Salem B&B cozy mystery series for Kensington Books under the name Traci Wilton. In three years, we have written 7 mysteries together.

Feels Like A Miracle

Although that might seem like quite an achievement, I will tell you that I feel like a slacker when it comes to some of the dedicated, savvy, mind-blowing authors I know. They easily can write six books or more per year. It gives me the hives just thinking about it.

Few years back I managed to write 4 books in 12 months. Now, I’m down to three, and can’t wait for two. Ideas come from everywhere and from nowhere. Being a pantser (someone who writes from the seat of their pants with no plot to follow), I would go with the flow and let the story tell itself.

Now, writing Mysteries with Traci Hall, I am so grateful that she is a plotter and I can follow an outline. Working the story, whether romance or mystery, is the fun part. Writing a series makes it easier to know what the next story will be, but creating standalone books or a new series means doing a lot of world building.  

A writer may find inspiration in a dream, or going for a long walk, or talking with people, or even from everyday experiences. Once a spark hits, the fire inside is lit and a new book is born.

Happy May everyone, and take a good book with you to the beach or the park. Writers everywhere will thank you for it!

The inspiration for DEATH IN SANDPIPER BAY came about after hearing a friend mention that they were building a cottage on a remote island off the coast of Maine. Bingo! I knew it would be a wonderful place for a Murder Mystery. So, Traci and I got right down to plotting. The reviews have been sensational, we are delighted to say. The second book in the series, Danger in Sandpiper Bay, will soon begin.

Death in Sandpiper Bay

Our Co-Writing Experience by @PatriceWilton

Traci Hall and I have been friends for over seventeen years. We met when we were both unpublished and attending a critique group. Before our co-writing experience, we used to cry over rejections and howl at the moon, but still no contract came our way. Years came and went as our disappointment grew. Fast forward to 2021, and we now have over 90 published books between us! Traci has written in many genres, while I have written romances.

Now, the two of us have entered another playing field. We have been co-writing a Cozy Mystery series for Kensington, using the author name of Traci Wilton. Many of you probably wonder how two people, living 4 hours apart, could possibly write a book together. Let alone an ongoing series. For us, it came easy.

Traci has edited my books for years—she’s awesome at it! And we write in similar styles. It was a natural fit—the only problem being that neither of us had ever written a mystery. When our agent, Evan Marshall, asked us if we’d like to try co-writing a book similar to The Ghost and Mrs. Muir. He had an editor friend from Kensington looking for that type of material. Well, we couldn’t say yes fast enough.


Co-Writing Is Fun 

We worked from a 25-page outline. One of use would write a chapter, the other would write the next. We would lightly edit as we progressed. After round one, we’d reverse the order and go at it again for round two. Round three was cleaning up the manuscript and making sure it was error free. Next, we’d send the book to a few trusted reader friends and a proof-read editor who’d look for errors, overused words, plot holes, or other problems. We’d consider their comments and make some corrections before sending the book off to our Kensington editor.

Occasionally, Traci and I disagree on something. With mutual respect, we put our egos aside, discuss the issue, and make a decision based on what is best for the book. We have now written six stories in The Salem B&B cozy mystery series and have remained great friends throughout this experience.  I always say, co-writing is half the work and twice the fun!

Our Co-Writing Pot of Gold

Our books have hit the Barnes and Noble Bestseller List numerous times, and only four stories have been released so far. Mrs. Morris and the Sorceress, our latest book, was released March 30th and debuted at #22. Mrs. Morris and the Vampire is due to be published on August 24th and is available for pre-order.

Salem B&B Series

Traci and I have started a new mystery series as well! A Riley Harper Murder Mystery series. The first book of the series is Death in Sandpiper Bay. The book will release at the end of January 2022 and will be available everywhere.

Death in Sandpiper Bay

Check out our books and become a cozy mystery fan! The books are a wonderful escape from the daily grind. And each book hosts a list of possible suspects who could have committed the crime. Solving the case is 100% of the fun!



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