Choose a Man: Navy SEAL or Fire Fighter

Two twenty-something women are sitting in a bar in San Diego or New York City. In the lounge of PF Chang’s or Ruth’s Chris Steak House. One of these women is you. You’re wearing four point five inch glossy red strappy sandals, one leg crossed over the other so your black and white polka dot skirt is halfway up your thigh. You’re chatting with your friend and she’s wearing light pink matte lipstick, a three-inch wide pink Bakelite bangle bracelet and her blond hair in a high ponytail of cascading waves.

You know you both look hot, but you always do. So, it’s no big deal. Another warm summer night out in the city. You feel the attention, but it’s like a second skin—always there. Music, clinking glassware and slightly tipsy conversation surrounds you while you take your second sip of your Singapore sling then exhale to relax after your initial catch-up with your friend.

Now you look around. At the men. And there are plenty of them.

Are you in the neighborhood pop-spot near the Coronado Navy base filled with newly inducted warriors?

Or are you in the neighborhood hot spot of a downtown Manhattan Firehouse frequented by hot-off-their-shift lifesaving men?

Do you want the kind of man who would kill to protect you?

Or do you want the kind of man who would run into a fire to save you?

Don’t worry, there is no right or wrong answer—unless you say neither. (But what woman would say that? Honestly?)

You might say either would do, but I think most would have a preference, most of us would see the subtle distinction and maybe come down on one side or the other.

Me, you ask? I’d go for the Navy SEAL. Don’t ask me why.

But I’m going to ask you (fair or unfair) which you would pick and WHY?

Go ahead—tell me.

In the meantime, I’m working on a few stories starring two best friends. One is a Navy SEAL and the other is an FDNY Fire Fighter. Coming soon…

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Love, Christmas Blog Post #6 by Nancy Radke #mgtab


The wonderful new set of holiday stories, Love, Christmas uses a song title as the title of each of the 20 stories. I chose “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” since this is a song I love. Back in the ’40’s, songs were written so you could actually sing them, and my family sang constantly.

We would sing when we were shelling peas by hand, or cutting corn off the cob to be canned for the winter, and we would sing on long car trips. Someone would start a song, and we would bounce from the end of that song to the start of another one that the first song reminded us of. We could keep going during a six-hour car trip, and not once sing the same song twice.

If we were visiting my grandparents, grandpa would get out his violin (he was an old-time fiddler) and my mom would sit down at the piano. They used to perform at community dances and get-togethers, and could play anything they heard. Mom usually just played the chords. I can still hear him make that fiddle sing! When they started, all 40-some of the gathered family–from the youngest to the oldest–would sing for hours. I was always sad when he put the fiddle back into its case.

I sang while riding my horse, often from sunup to well past sundown. My voice doesn’t carry well, which might have been a good thing, as I also couldn’t hit high notes, so I dropped an octave to hit them.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas was one of my family’s favorites, especially during WWII when my uncle and aunt were overseas in France and Germany, and my grandfather was building ships in Vancouver, WA. My Uncle Floyd, a tank mechanic, sent a letter to his mother that got past the censors, telling her that he was at a place in France with the same name as one of her granddaughters (Nancy, France). He made it through the war and came back to the ranch to resume his work on our wheat/cattle ranch as the mechanic, keeping the tractors, trucks, and the combine running smoothly.

In this modern short thriller, Navy SEAL Lee Trahern is in the Middle East, and has escaped in a rowboat just ahead of an advancing army. He plucks Sofia out of the Mediterranean Sea after she is thrown off a ship. Pirates shoot holes in their boat, and then… and then…

You’ll need to read the rest when the set comes out. Right now you can get the complete set of 20 brand spanking new stories for 99¢ on preorder. Grab Love, Christmas which is being offered on all main outlets.

“I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is #15 of the Trahern novellas. Most of these are historical, told in first person, as if your favorite grandparent was telling you what happened to him or her. The modern Trahern novellas are in third person, as these are stories that are happening “now.” This last novella is dedicated to Delene Yochum, in Panama City, Florida.


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