ABB Mother’s Day Edition

Today is a very special day for mothers the world over. We may not always feel appreciated but on this particular day our children pull out all the stops to show their love.

When I was twelve years old, my father died. At the time, I had just entered high school. Making that adjustment was difficult enough without having to deal with grief and the financial changes.

It was a challenging time for my mother, who provided everything for the next seven years of high school and pre-university studies.

We experienced some lean years, but I never went to bed hungry and if I lacked anything, I never noticed. By example, she taught me how to work hard and be resilient.

Twenty-one years have passed since she earned her wings but I’ll be forever grateful for the many sacrifices she made for me. She passed just two months after my son was born and she always wanted grandchildren, so his birth made her happy. She didn’t live long enough to see me become a published author, but I know she’d have been proud.

Here’s hoping you still have your mom around and if not, cherish the memories.

In keeping with my family values, one of the stories that affected me most while writing it was Dissolution. It’s about a Jamaican family that goes through a season of upheaval because of a sibling that comes to the family unexpectedly. Dissolution is a rough ride, but the characters are dear to my heart. If you enjoy poignant stories that involve large families and smart kids, be sure to try Dissolution.