The Mini-Trampoline – A Healthy Alternative To Walking by @_NancyRadke

Walking on pavement is hard on the joints, you breathe in exhaust fumes, and you can’t stop if you get hurt some distance from where you are going. But you need to exercise so is there anything better? Well, have you ever used a mini-trampoline for exercise?

Mini-Trampoline About fifty years ago, my friend sold me a Rebounder, also called a mini-trampoline. It was developed by a trampoline coach who noticed how healthy his children were while using a regular-sized trampoline. I have used mine for over fifty years as the only exercise equipment I ever needed. As I’ve grown older, I’ve come to appreciate it more and more, since other types of exercise equipment simply do not do as complete a job in such a short time (usually under 30 minutes).

The mini-trampoline uses GRAVITY as a form of LOW IMPACT resistance, working every muscle in your body, even the muscles in the eyes. It has been “prescribed” by surgeons after knee surgery, to speed up healing in the knees without doing any damage. Because the trampoline surface flexes up and down, there is no impact to harm the joints, while gravity moves the fluid in the joints to help heal.


MUSCLES: It strengthens every muscle in your body, including the muscles that support your abdominal area. A week or two using the Rebounder will stop those embarrassing leaks most ladies get after childbirth. Rebounder exercise keeps older ladies from having to buy adult diapers. It strengthens your tummy muscles and tightens your rear.

A paralyzed person can sit on the Rebounder while someone stands on it with him and bounces. Remember that the resistance used is gravity, so the paralyzed person doesn’t have to do anything. As long as he is being moved up and down, he’ll benefit. Try holding your babies in your arms for short periods of time while bouncing gently on it.

CIRCULATION (BLOOD AND LYMPH): Bouncing against gravity acts like a pump, assisting in both blood and lymph circulation. My brother, who sat too much and suffered with swollen legs, told me he was going to go buy some support socks. I asked him if he still had his Rebounder. He did. It was in his garage. As soon as he put it back in his house and used it for around a week, his legs and ankles returned to normal size. Now it sits in front of his TV and he bounces and runs in place while viewing.

BREATHING: Practice deep breathing while bouncing and it becomes an aerobic form of exercise. The longer you bounce, the harder you’ll breathe.

BALANCE: One fellow I know bought a Rebounder and told me that he noticed his balance was better after his first use. I told him that basketball coaches used it right before games to improve the jumping ability of their teams. Rebounders come with an attached bar which is especially useful for the elderly. The bar is convenient to grasp while bouncing and improving balance.

FUN: You’ll use this because it is fun to use. Put it in your house and enjoy it, bouncing and dancing to music. Kids will use it and be exercising without knowing it. It really helps wiggly kids learn, and you can have them memorize math and other facts while bouncing. If you live in an apartment and there is a blizzard outside, you can still get your daily exercise. Stay safe and stay off the hard sidewalks that damage your feet and knee joints.

Mini-Trampoline 2

Go online and look at the different mini-trams available. They even have some that fold flat. They last a long time for their price. When you first get it, you may only be able to move slightly up and down, and for a short period of time…maybe less than 5 minutes. By the end of a week, you will notice that your time has lengthened and you can already feel body changes. I usually try to do twenty to thirty minutes, with high bounces for short periods of time.

No worries. I don’t own any stock in a mini-tram company or know anyone connected to one. I just happen to be an over-the-top Rebounder enthusiast. If you already own one and can think of other ways it helps, or just want to add your praise, comment below.

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