Womb Mates and Then Some

This is the family’s newest mate, my grandson Jax, but please bear with me as I take a stroll down memory lane.

About a decade ago, Joe and I traveled to Virginia for a family reunion. My aunt was about to turn 83 years young and we were also going to celebrate a cousin’s milestone birthday, too. I felt crazy excited to be going because I hadn’t seen my aunt since 2009, shortly after my mother passed.
Over the course of the weekend, my aunt and I shared some spirited conversations about life in general and what we’d been doing since last we’d met. However, comments she made most mesmerizing were sharing how it feels to be the surviving twin, once a beloved sibling is gone.
Aunt has always referred to Mom as her Womb Mate. Mom was a dependent kind of woman, while Aunt was independent and a doer. She stood close by her sister and took care of her, emotionally and financially, especially after my parents divorced. Whenever Aunt visited us, she used her gifted wit to keep us all laughing.

I can’t remember a time that Aunt didn’t have Mom peeing her pants with her outrageous sense of humor. They were two of a kind in that department, and although Mom was needy, she never lost her own good humor, or the ability to love and be loved. Mom was also a talented artist and her paintings grace the walls of every family member’s home. That she relied on others bothered no one, because she was a shining star in her own right.
So, when we arrived at my aunt’s house, I was totally taken aback by her resemblance to Mom, perhaps for the first time ever. Mom and Aunt are fraternal twins, but as they grew older, their mannerisms and speech patterns became nearly identical. It was like seeing my mother once more.
The visit we had shared proved to be a powerful reminder of how much we both loved and missed Mom. Aunt is now half of a whole and I think she may miss Mom more than I if such a thing is possible. Those two had a special bond not everyone has the pleasure to share. They were conceived and born of one woman’s body. This makes them Womb Mates. And that’s kind of cool when you think about it…

My womb mate’s my brother, Eddie – although we didn’t share space at the same time, providence declared us mates just the same. We are so close I wrote a book about him and me, and what it was like to be siblings in the sixties when one of us was a special needs child. When people didn’t understand and how we persevered as children with an abusive father. Now, not only am I his Womb Mate, I’m also his guardian.

The story is called Running on All Fours and is the only nonfiction story I have ever penned. Because I lean towards romantic humor and suspense, writing the story was both a challenge and a labor of love. He is my best friend after all.

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Because of Covid, I haven’t been able to see my Womb Mate as often as I’d love to, but here’s our Easter Sunday photo:

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I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer and wish you many blessings.

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Thanks for reading – xo

From Humor to Realism

Writing humorous romance has always been a blessed outlet for me, and it’s even more so now. I enjoy entertaining readers the way my flower trees bring me enjoyment.With that in mind, I created a fun story for the third and new installment in our romantic comedy collection Cute But Crazy – this one is subtitled Unique and Unpredictable.

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Thank you for taking the time to read my post and wishing you continued good health and a joyful Spring. Sure took it’s time getting here!

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My Personal Website Was Hacked

GRRRR! I’m pretty angry – Although I know it’s not the end of the world (and it’s probably my own fault), when I was looking to update my website after a LONG absence, I discovered my pages were hacked and riddled with spam.



Life’s been tough enough for all of us, with Covid 19 and all, and I’m glad to share I’ve been keeping up to date with my writing just fine. However, with Joe heading to heaven not long ago, my focus has been keeping occupied with making sure my family and friends are safe, and entertaining my readers.

Why do these idiot demons insist on ruining what we try so hard to achieve by hacking our social media??? I know I am not alone; plenty of other have to deal with hacking, too.

Anyhow, I’m bailing out from my old domain and pleading for advice: What are my options, in your opinion, and the easiest website for me to begin anew? Please leave your suggestions in the comment section below – I’d consider your help a major favor.

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Now about those website suggestions…I’m seriously needy and totally need your assistance!

Happy Passover and a Blessed Easter to Everyone Who Celebrates from my granddaughter!

What’s on Your Christmas Wish List This Year?

The ‘Prose Composers’ at the Author’s Billboard are delighted to present our exquisite holiday collection DEAR SANTA: A Christmas Wish, a blend of holiday magic sure to capture your hearts. The set is filled with 18 brand new stories about characters who have special wishes to ask the big guy during this season.Get it here at any of your favorite venues: https://books2read.com/DearSanta.


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When my cover artist and I created the cover Cruising For Mr. Right for my contribution to the collection, I wanted my character to reveal who she wished to be as a woman, as opposed to maintaining the practicalities of her motherhood and the traditional Christmas with her family. What female in her right mind wouldn’t to savor the admiration of two attractive men?

Lisa Mitchell is a widow who allows herself to be swayed into doing something totally irresponsible. She books a Christmas cruise, hoping to find another chance at love, due to her yearnings of what can never be and loneliness. However, during the voyage, she discovers her dearest Christmas wish is to reconnect with her adult children, even if it means foregoing a possible romance on the horizon.

Let’s take a look at the internet flirtation between Lisa and Jones:

“Do you want to meet me that badly, or is this your version of a practical joke?”

            The drool-worthy guy on Lisa Mitchell’s laptop screen dimpled with a brisk nod.

            “I swear on my parrot I’m not joking, sweetheart. Think how healthy it could be for you to leave the cold Jersey weather in your dust and come sail with me. You can either stay in Orlando where the area’s familiar to you and drive to the seaport in Lauderdale, or there are several nice hotels near the dock with free transfers to the ship every forty-five minutes. Either way, it’s a win-win. For both of us.”

            Jones presented a strong case, but Lisa hedged, unable to commit to such an outrageous plan yet. “Well, yes, it all sounds doable in theory, but I’ve never been away for the holidays. What about my kids?”

            Her screen companion snorted. “Your kids are adults, aren’t they? Maybe they might surprise you.” He raised a brow and sent her an engaging grin. “Come on, Lisa. When was the last time you’ve done something totally selfish?”

            She had to chuckle at his logic, or the lack of it.

            “Never,” she admitted. “Especially not during holiday time. Maybe they’d be disappointed if I wasn’t home to host our traditional Christmas Eve party.”

            “So, how old did you say your son and daughter are?” he teased.

            “Jones, I told you last night Mathew’s thirty three and Amy’s two years younger.”

            “Your son’s married, right? Let his wife handle the Christmas Eve shindig. Why not put it out there you’ve decided to go on a cruise to the Caribbean because the rates are shockingly cheap? You don’t have to tell them it’s a singles cruise. Or, that you’ve been doing late night, flirty face times with a guy you met on an Internet dating site, and he’s the villain inspiring you to leave home at the most wonderful time of the year.”

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