Choosing a title for a book is like choosing a name for a baby! Yes / No?? #mgtab

bad words

Okay, I know I’m taking things a bit too far when I compare a book title with a baby’s name – I’ll confess, it was an attention grabber.

But… trust me; us authors really have to give our book titles a lot of thought.

Remember, we don’t have nine months to change our minds and come up with multi choices. Buy “Name Your Baby” books… scour the internet for just the right one…end up giving in to husband’s demand, LOL.

But we do have to take into consideration what the book is about. What will honestly relate the plot to a potential reader, and… most importantly, that it hasn’t been used by a number of other authors within the last few years.

Now my dilemma is this. I want to put together a three book collection of my own work and have it focus on my books where the main protagonists are feisty women who won’t back down from any man.

Two of the books feature law enforcement officers and the other one is about a Chilean girl who had to make a life in a new country and surmount a lot of obstacles to do so.

Coming up with this idea was easy. Trying to decide on an appropriate title – not so much!

Three-thirty in the morning, I jolted awake with a brilliant solution – “Red-hot Mamas”! I could see the cover in my head: brilliant red, fiery gold for the words, a special font that stood out and, of course, highlighting an eye-catching female.

Happy as a lark, I went to an author’s book launch later in the day and met up with some of my colleagues. Excited about my new project, I told them my brilliant idea. Much to my disappointment, they weren’t as enthused about my title – said mamas would date the book – that it was old-fashioned.

After thinking about what they said, (took me all of 20 seconds), I realized they were right. They next thought that came to mind was that these kick-ass girls needed to have a better introduction. Of course, that led me to brainstorm with the others and these were the favorites.

Red-hot Gals

Red-hot Ladies

Red-hot Divas

Then I got another brilliant notion. Since these were kick-ass girls why couldn’t I just name the book using that as my title? Kick-ass Girls! When I gleefully mentioned it, they all rained on my parade. Said that Amazon probably wouldn’t go for it.

So… as soon as I got home, I looked to see if the word “ass” appeared anywhere on Amazon’s site. And it did! Not only in various places but also in a porno book that had a cover of a…. you got it! A lady’s… ahh derriere.

But… still not 100% sure I’d be allowed, needing to stroke the big guy so he wouldn’t take away my publishing rights ;-), I wrote to Amazon. Sadly, they sent me back a lot of mumbo jumbo, with this one sentence standing out:

Please ensure that your book’s title accurately matches the content of your book.

Okay – Check!

Then they referred me to this page: Content Guidelines


We don’t accept pornography or offensive depictions of graphic sexual acts. (Oh yeah?)

Offensive Content

What we deem offensive is probably about what you would expect. (This sure helps, doesn’t it? :-))

So what I need to know is this: If I go ahead, which of the three titles works the best.

I’m inclined to go with Kick-ass Ladies because of the contrast in the words, but the others liked Kick-ass Gals or Divas.

Help me make up my mind…let me know what you think.

Also, do you feel that word might be offensive in any way to the readers?

Keep in mind, wanting to be realistic to the suspense genre and the way detectives actually would talk, I do use real language inside the book. Therefore, anyone who dislikes swear words, probably doesn’t want to read those books anyway…. just sayin’!


One of the books I intend to add into this collection is my very first Romantic Suspense called Roll the Dice which is book #2 in the Vegas Series. The first short introductory book is a permanently free book called Partners and can be found here. All six book in the Vegas Collection, plus the collection itself, is #FREE in Kindle Unlimited.



Old age can be terrifying for those living alone! #mgtab


Last year, my ninety-year-old mother-in-law took a bad fall and ended up in the hospital. This woman had been living alone in a little house that she managed with a lot of help from her angelic, next-door neighbor. With me visiting every few days to take her shopping and for lunch treats so she could get out of the house, things were working out…. just.

We had been urging her for years that she might think of looking into choosing a care home because she was going downhill quickly. We suspected mini stokes but being very stubborn and quite foolish, she refused to see the doctor. Laughed and told us it was old age. No doubt, she was right but some of her symptoms were happening overnight and in my mind, old age tends to be a slower—a lot slower. But there was no talking to her when she adamantly refused to listen. All she wanted to do was stay in her own little house until the end. Said if she had to go into one of those old-folks homes, she wouldn’t last a month.

Turns out, that’s not true. After her fall, and her hospital time, she ended up permanently in a wheel chair, and her hands, which had been giving her a lot of trouble, now refused to work. Again, I’m thinking more mini-stokes, which the doctors eventually confirmed. So, we had no choice but to arrange for her to be in a home knowing that way she’d get the proper care.

Since she’d always refused to seriously look at facilities, we were forced to take the first bed available in a residence closest to where we lived. Thankfully, they had a very good reputation and the girls working there were known to be kind and gentle with the people in their care.

As much as our little rebel hated the idea of giving up her independence, she was now forced to depend on others for everything. And all we wanted was for her to be treated with dignity and affection. Thankfully, we did find the right place and I’m happy to say that they celebrated her ninety-first birthday yesterday with her caregivers fussing over her with a present and a song. Her happy tears were heart-wrenching and also satisfying.

I know it wasn’t what she wanted. To be forced into living the way she is now. But sometimes the higher power has a different road for a person to travel than the one they’ve planned. My prayers were always that she could find some happiness in her final years. I’m just glad it seems to be true.

Have any of you faced this situation and has it worked out well for you? I hope so…


Because my mother-in-law was also a dear friend, I dedicated one of my favorite books to her called Loveable Christmas Angel. She was thrilled. And the book has always gotten great reviews.





I have a good shopping hint to share with you…

Have you ever wondered if you should buy Christmas decorations after the season is over? Well I have to tell you that today (Jan 6th) I went through some of the stores in the Mall and couldn’t believe the fabulous prices for the holiday leftovers on the shelves that were ridiculously overpriced in November and December.

I know it’s hard to stop yourself when you see that perfect, glowing ornament that would look just right with your other holiday trimmings, but trust me. You can get twice as many by waiting.

Last year, I’d decided that my mantle had been the same for so many years; it was more than time for a change. So, I started searching for the exact embellishments I wanted. After seeing this photo, I decided I wanted white and silver and knew that the whole area would look gorgeous fixed up with those colors. Look like my fireplace!!

But when I went shopping, I was outraged at the cost of styrofoam and glitter, ribbons and cheap sparkling balls made very inexpensively. Wow!! One goofy large silver ball was over $8. With all the season’s expenses, I just couldn’t do it. Other, more important things, like food and gifts and of course… chocolate, had priority with my debit card.

Instead, I waited until the Boxing Day sales and my young bachelor son and I hit the stores early. I was training him to be a cost-conscious shopper. He only came along because I‘d promised a sushi lunch and a movie… LOL!!

But, I’m happy to say, we’d found fantastic bargains at 50% off and more. Quickly, we bought the new glittery decorations because others had the same idea and the best bargains were clearing out fast.

Move forward to this year when I set up all my beautiful new fixings. While doing so, memories of the fun we’d had shopping for them last year drifted through my mind and gave me a huge amount of added satisfaction.

When, my guy arrived and saw what we had made happen, his pleasure turned a delightful moment into one even more special.

***Speaking of special visions of Christmas, in my last novella of the Holiday Heartwarmers Trilogy, Find Me a Home, there’s a part where the heroine is working the hero to get the Christmas decorations ready for a very special visitor.


The next day, while Amelia and Harley were feverishly decorating the Christmas tree, he grabbed her for a kiss. “Lady, you sure have a lot of stuff for Christmas. I thought I’d never get all those lights up around the house.”

She pulled out of his arms and slapped her hands on her hips. “Don’t tell me you’re a Scrooge for the holidays, Harley Carlton, because if so, it could be a deal breaker.”

Though she’d spoken teasingly, her heart dropped at the idea that she loved a man who might not share her excitement for this season. It was her favorite time of the year. If it hadn’t been for having had her life turned upside down first with her injury, and then all the worry about Jimmy, she would have had all her beautiful decorations in place weeks ago.

“Calm down, sugar. I’m a sucker for Christmas. In fact, I’m usually the one who helps Mom get the house ready. Only this year, things have been a bit crazy and poor old Dad had to step up. The old complainer called to let me know he was only a temporary employee.”

Our Christmas Giveaway – 12 Paperback books from the best of the best!! #mgtab



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