Wishing you all warm & sincere wishes for a wonderful Christmas.

The authors here at the Billboard have written many posts over this last year, reaching out to you the readers to amuse, teach, and in many cases just to share. Because our profession is to write books, you’d think these short blurbs come easy, but truthfully, sometimes they just don’t

Thankfully… this one, on this day, comes straight from the heart.

After watching so many sad occasions on breaking news… of people’s lives being destroyed in different countries, I go to sleep every night, thankful for the lucky life I have and praying you all do too.

My wish for the season and all through 2023 is that the world heals, hearts brighten, and everyone fills with joy… or at least forgiveness. Let peace reign.

Sending all heartfelt wishes, gentle hugs, and lots of love from our hearts to yours.

Merry Christmas from all of us here at the Authors’ Billboard!!

Happy Holidays from Authors’ Billboard

All of us at Authors’ Billboard wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Happy Holidays


From the ladies at the Author’s Billboard to all of our friends – a Christmas wish to you! #mgtab @mimisgang1

As the world knows, Christmas is the time to be with family and friends and to relish their companionship and love. Every year, I look forward to this season like a child who still believes in Santa Claus.

And though, in my own family, we’ve had two very sad events happen in 2018, I can still say with truth and a few tears, I will bless this holiday that’s bringing my family to me. We’ll enjoy some good laughs, wonderful food, fun gifts and… make every minute count that we’re together.

Another true blessing I, and the other authors at the Billboard have, are each other. It has been an honor and a privilege working with this group of amazing, intelligent women. We care about each other and are always willing to step up to help anyone in need with advice, support and kind words. In fact, we’ve worked together so well that we’ve made a huge success of this website; our numerous multi-author box collections and each of our separate careers have become more successful because of this karma. It’s wonderful!

And so this Christmas, I give my thanks for the gifts I’ve already received and have left Santa a very short list:

Right on the top is that you all have a VERY merry Christmas.