It’s 1964 Again- #spring #memories #Inspiration @jacqbiggar

Spot the birdie?

Today is the first day of spring and it’s my birthday!

I thought it might be fun to take a trip down memory lane and visit the year I was born- 1964

But first:

According to Siri, I’m a Friday’s child, though you’d never catch me in bloomers, lol. How about you?

In the music world, The Beatles were racking up the top 5 on The Billboard Top 100 with I Want to Hold Your Hand leading the way.

It was a feat no musical group had ever accomplished and many thought would never occor again.

The average house in the US cost 15,000 and rent was $115 a month (imagine!)

Milk was priced at $0.93.

A gallon of gas- $0.25 compared to the $1.94 a litre we currently pay in BC

Minimum wage was $1.15 an hour while ours in 2022 is $15.55

The 1964 Mustang was a mind-boggling $2300.00 (yes, I’m drooling!)

Apparently, Dragons are the most powerful in the Chinese zodiac, gifted with courage and intelligence, but are hotheads with sharp tongues (Oops!)

There are five types of dragons depending on the year you were born. For 1964, it is the Wood Dragon- introverted (yes), less enthusiastic (maybe), and lacking good relationships (not true!)

Dragons who will be engaged in creative work, literature, etc., you will have more inspiration this year of the Tiger, and maybe one day your works will become a hit. (Yes!)

Mary Poppins by Walt Disney released August of 1964 and grossed $102,272,145

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law.

Mohammad Ali became the heavyweight boxing champion of the world.

Sidney Poiter won the Oscar for his role in Lilies of The Field

Alaska suffered a 9.2 earthquake on Good Friday, March 30th

1964 was a busy year in history!

In 2022, we have war in Ukraine, a wave of hate crimes, poverty, overdoses, a pandemic… but in the midst of it all there are stories of kindness, generosity, and family values. We can do better- I truly believe humans are worth the effort.

Today I choose life. Every morning when I wake up I can choose joy, happiness, negativity, pain… To feel the freedom that comes from being able to continue to make mistakes and choices – today I choose to feel life, not to deny my humanity but embrace it.

Kevyn Aucoin

Unforgettable Memory #7 Building a House While Living In It ~Nancy Radke


I should say finishing a house, but I’ve done it twice now. I still have some electrical work needing to be done on this house, that I moved into it as soon as I had hot water, heat, lights, and most electricity.

The first house was one that my husband, Walt, and I built together in 1982 – 1989. He was a schoolteacher and worked on it during the summer months. Our children were ages 3+, 3, and just born. They learned to never touch a tool that had been left on the floor. Sometimes those tools had very sharp blades.

We lived in a small pumice block home of two rooms and a large bathroom that also served as the laundry. Onto it, we built a larger home with a basement, one bedroom and two bathrooms (we converted the pumice house into two bedrooms and a bath for the children, as pumice doesn’t ever burn.

Walt acted as the general contractor and did most of the work. We had a tractor dig the basement beside our house. Once after we had poured the basement walls but not the floor, Walt removed the walkway we had built from our only door, over a corner of the basement, to the ground. He was pulling on a piece of the wood railing when it gave way. He fell into the basement backward, head first, but did a mid-air flip and landed on his feet.

Walt hired day laborers when needed, and hired different companies to do special jobs. We had a friend who was a steamfitter in WW2, whom we hired to do our plumbing for us. Copper pipes. We never had a water leak.

I designed the house, then sent the plans to a company called Capp Homes. They turned my design into architectural drawings, got them permitted, then shipped the lumber, doors, and windows in two large moving vans. They sent a carpenter and crew who assembled the pre-cut lumber in five days, so that our home was lockable, with doors and windows. They supplied the roofing and siding, but we had to put that on. Paid $30,000, and then started finishing it up. Never owed anyone, as we put in items only as we could afford them.

We had a friend who was an electrician, who did the electrical work. Hired sheet rockers, but we put on our own siding and roofing and did the flooring, insulation, and painting. Heated the house with wood burning fireplaces, changed later to freestanding gas stoves, as they don’t use ducts.

My son built my new home. They have nail guns now, so didn’t have to hammer in very many nails. Took three years total to build this home, what with having to work out more financing along the way. I’ve never been in debt before, and it took me a while to figure out the credit card tricks.

I love my new home, as it is smaller and meets my needs now. It’s attached to my daughter’s home, so when I need her, I just open a door and walk through.

I had a small tower built on the top, like a lookout tower, with windows all around, which everyone loves. It is a place to lift up one’s spirits in the middle of town. I’ll use it for relaxing and writing and just enjoying the sunsets. It is the focal point of my new home, a place to get away from everything.

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