My Study by @KatyWalters07

My StudyThe lounge area of my home—also known as my study—holds a special place in my heart. I think of carpets, sofas, the comfort of visits from lifelong friends and family, the surprise of birth announcements of children. I remember family birthday parties that took place in my study with cake, blowing out candles, and the making of secret wishes. Spring with French doors open to the scent of roses and horse chestnut trees. In whispers, I recall funereal buffets with soft weeping.

My study is the silent home of my soul; of thoughts unspoken, turning into novels and poetry tapped out onto a plastic keyboard.

My Study

A sunlit room of oaken beams where dreams

Stream flowing through fresh windows,

Searching scarred shadows, papers shown, reams,

Of prose, doomed epitaphs, mellow.

Pastel portraits of animals long dead,

Haunting, dog running, flowers, fields,

The spring of adolescence, blossoms fed

On a winter of shattered innocence, concealed.


Figurines from ancient dynasties,

Pagan, Hindu, Buddhist, and Abrahamic,

hover in the mist of lost loyalties,

Whilst the Virgin steps on the serpent’s hiss,

Outside the dark Cathedral of Trees,

Inspires, bringing sorrow to its knees.

Copyright: Katy Walters

~  ~  ~

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The answer is simple, really. The making of memories is deeply enmeshed with emotion.

We tend to remember those experiences that are fresh and new and surprising. Things that affect us—things that change our lives—are always stored in our memories. Great memories are the product of strong emotions.

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