Favorite Authors for Summer Romance Suspense #mgtab

Unlike a lot of readers, I don’t really have an all time favorite novel. Usually when I read, it’s because I enjoy the writing of a certain author as opposed to the specific content of a story.

Also, sometimes I have to be in a certain frame of mind to read, even a  book written by a favorite author. My life is very complicated as the mom and caregiver of a severely autistic son, and I find as the years go by that, more and more, I look for books with only a happily ever after ending.

Which is all I seem to be able to write as well. Isn’t that silly? I hate cliffhangers, and I don’t enjoy leaving too much of a mystery for the reader to puzzle about when I finish a story.

Unless it involves a complicated plot involving a topic like human trafficking and capturing members of the ring, which of course is a struggle if the net is widespread.

I guess what I’ll do is share some of my favorite authors and tell you why I enjoy what they write. So many stories I read these days offer me no surprises and I can usually easily guess the plot.


Linda Howard is one of my all-time favorites because of the way she manages to inject humor in her romance suspense series. My favorite book from her has got to be OPEN SEASON. I’ve never laughed so hard and it’s a story about a serial killer! 



Nora Roberts. What can I say? Nora is Nora. I’m not so much into her older stories as I am in her standalones, but she has a few fantasy series which I loved (under her own name), and it’s hard for me to recall the names of the ones I liked best, but at least half of what she’s written was worth reading and sometimes even reading again.


Tami Hoag I don’t read as much as Tami Hoag as I used to, because her stories tend to have conclusions that are a little up in the air. But if you want unique stories and lots of surprises, she’s a fantastic author.

I used to enjoy Nicholas Sparks too. As a matter of fact, I’ve had some reviewers compare what I write to his novels. But I have to agree with reviewers of his books; his writing is a little off track these days -apparently because he was recently divorced.

Romance suspense isn’t the only genre I love. I still enjoy reading regency romance. Mary Balogh and Grace Burrowes are two of my favorite authors, and occasionally I read books by Stephanie Laurens as well.

I have hundreds of books on shelves at home. Patricia Cornwell, John Grisham, David Baldacci among others I read occasionally.

But my tastes have changed through the years. I used to enjoy most romance, but even with new authors, so many plots and storylines have become repetitive – they’re just told in a slightly different way.

I wish I had more time to read. I used to read about 15 novels per week (yes really!!) But since I’ve become an author, something strange has been happening–success. So not only writing, but promoting, seems to have taken over my life.

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Disneyworld’s Hidden Gem – Denise Devine

IMG_1865Every year our family takes a vacation at Disneyworld around the beginning of December and each time we stay at a different resort. This year we decided to try something unique. We rented a cabin at the Fort Wilderness Campground. Now, as you probably know, everything Disney does is fit for a princess—even camping!

To me, the campground resembled someplace you’d stay in the mountains in Yellowstone National Park, except our cabin had a large deck and a brand new interior, complete with Wi-Fi, a dishwasher, a convection oven and a 60-inch Smart TV. That’s Disney’s idea of roughing it!

2015 Disney6Disney resorts are noisy. The pool is full of kids and the check-in/dining/shopping areas are usually very busy, especially at mealtime. Our little piece of Disney property was tucked away in a dense wood of pine trees and though the cabins were built close together, the only people we saw were other campers occasionally riding up and down the road in their golf carts. Many of the people who stay on this property come back year after year and they not only adorn their cabins with Christmas lights and decorations, but they dress up their golf carts as well.

At night it’s so quiet in the campground that you don’t even feel like you’re staying on Disney grounds. After dark, we walked to the bus stop (two minutes away) and caught the Disney bus to the “Outpost” for a bonfire, marshmallow roasting, a free Disney movie and entertainment. The Outpost was a large general store stocked with everything from diapers to pizza. The Campground also had a large area for check-in, golf cart rental and horseback riding. The main shopping/dining area was called “The Settlement.” We didn’t get time to go there, but next year we plan to check it out.

2015 Disney20This year was my granddaughter’s third trip to the Happiest Place on Earth and she was even more excited about it than last year. Guinevere’s birthday is in two weeks (she’s turning five) so we added that to our Disney registration and upon check-in, she received a special “Celebration” button. Everywhere we went, Disney employees greeted her with “Happy Birthday, Princess!” She went to a special salon next to Pirates of the Caribbean where they turned her into a mermaid. For five days, Gwen (as we call her) was the happiest girl on earth.

This year was probably the best time we’ve ever had at Disney and next year we plan to rent two cabins. If you’re wondering—no, we’re not decorating them. That’s too much like work.

ThisTimeForever_Cover_Kindle.USATODAYDoes time really heal all wounds?

Libby Cunningham has finally found the daughter her father forced her to give up for adoption nearly sixteen years ago. She has never forgiven herself and now desperately wants to make it up to Amber for the years they’ve lost. However, she has also learned that Cash MacKenzie, Amber’s father, has custody. Libby has never forgotten that Cash broke her teenage heart and deserted her when she needed him the most. Now he holds the key to her future happiness. Can she overcome her memories of the past or will her feelings jeopardize the present?


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