My #free gift to you this holiday season! #mgtab

I have recently found a new website called Instafreebie where an author can set up a book to be given to his/her readers and fans without actually having to make it free on Amazon, Kobo and the other venues.

I love this because it means that I can single out some of my friends and followers and give them a special Christmas treat with very little effort.

There’ve been many times I’ve wanted to make this type of gesture but if the book is sold everywhere, it can be a battle trying to make sure it becomes free for the days you particularly want it to be.

And I required this to happen, because I wanted to surprise you all with a gift for the season and I needed it to be available for no cost to you.

So… please take the time to download it to your eReaders, phones or tablets and enjoy the spirit of the holidays in this wonderful story.



Holiday Heartwarmers Series

Book #2

In this delightful Christmas love story, Deputy Shawna Mallory finds Billy McCrae – a runaway boy sleeping in a mound of snow with an anxious puppy guarding him. He’s a sad child surviving a terrible existence until she puts a stop to it and becomes his foster parent. She’s drawn to the snarky kid and just wants his life to be happier, his and the stray mutt who won’t leave his side. Not that the boy cares about the dog… or her. Then she meets his father, the one who abandoned the boy when he was five.

John Reid McCrae wants only one thing in his life to make it worth living. Years ago he’d lost his son to a bitter wife and now his goal is to get Billy back. He’ll do whatever it takes, no matter who gets hurt. Until he meets the town’s stunning deputy. Can he put his needs ahead of her happiness?


Halloween Apples – the older version of Trick or Treat!


I remember when I was a child in Winnipeg, Halloween was the day us kids would hurry home from school in a panic to get our costumes organized. In those ancient times…..giggle, my mom used to get a bunch of old clothes out from the closet in readiness. My sister and I would fight and scramble to get the pieces that would best fit our vision of whatever witch or old man our mom had dictated as our choices for that year.

The money was never there to buy costumes. Folks today think of it as a necessity but, my goodness, we never had the wherewithal for such foolishness. Not when there were pieces of cardboard, old clothes and paint to make up something that would ensure us our ultimate goal – that of getting as much candy as possible.

As daylight waned, we’d watch out the window, prancing from foot to foot, praying that the streetlights would come on soon. It was our sign that the time had come. Mom would give us each a pillow-slip and some gloves (Winnipeg right??) and off we’d go to join hordes of other goblins all racing to and fro to get their anticipated cache.

Up and down the streets, childish voice yelled Halloween Apples! It would be a few years before the bellow of trick or treat would be used. Little ones in the care of older brothers and sisters were dragged along, forced to keep up because there were only so many houses in the neighborhood that would give away candy apples as reimbursement for singing a song. And everyone on our street had practiced their song knowing that the reward far outstripped the effort.

Soon, we’d have to drop the first load off at the house because the pillowcases, half full of apples, would be heavier than we could manage. And, mom would have warned us that she would be running out and would need reinforcements from our precious supply before the night was over. At first, we always begrudged this necessity, but after stuffing our faces with as much junk as we could force down, it didn’t seem to be so painful to let her pass some of it back out again.

Finally by the end of the evening—we’d stick it out as long as there were lights on in front doors and our frozen fingers and toes could stand the cold—we’d head home to peruse our stash and gloat about the goodies we’d stuffed into our pockets, hoping that sharp motherly eyes wouldn’t see the bulges.

Because we so seldom had candy, parents in those days knew that the best way to handle this bounty was to pass out daily treats in order to make it last. Funny thing is, by the end of the week, we’d run out. Always wondered how that could happen. Of course, today I know exactly where those precious sweets went.

Darn sneaky parents!!


Soon to be released – Mimi’s newest novella – Please Keep Me!

 This is Book #1 in her Holiday Heartwarmers Trilogy.


A single mom of a very intelligent four-year-old daughter, Belinda Page is at her wits end trying to keep up with the munchkin. When the child throws herself into a lake to rescue a puppy, Belinda is frantic. Turning to the man who saves both babies, she seeks support – until she finds out he’s one of those hated Carltons. After all, it was at their home where she’d gone to a party, been drugged, raped and left to deal with the consequences of that distressingly blank time.

Dr. Reed Carlton, an introvert who feels uncomfortable around most people, can’t believe his luck. He’s finally found Lindy; a girl from his past, a fond memory that has haunted him for over four years. Except that this Lindy hates him on sight. What was that all about? At least her daughter and the puppy were on his side. But would that be enough for him to be a part of her life.