‘Tis the Season to connect ~ Christmas Cards by Nancy Radke

I sat down yesterday and wrote out a bunch of Christmas cards to send before the days get really busy. Last year I didn’t get to them until the end of January, and I didn’t want that to happen again. I didn’t want to NOT send any out, as I want the chain to stay unbroken. Time has sped up so much that the months pass by as fast as weeks used to.

Christmas Cards

Connect with friends…

The cards we write at this time of year provide us with the incentive to connect with friends and relatives that we haven’t seen for awhile. For some of them, this is the only time we get in touch. A large Thanksgiving meal still includes only those whom you probably see regularly. Christmas cards reach out to other states and other countries where friends have moved over the years.

I love getting the cards that have a picture of the sender on it. If a short (or long) summary of their year is included, the card is more than just a happy greeting. You find out about their health, new babies, weddings, deaths, and sometimes a marvelous trip that you enjoy hearing about.

Get personal…

The little note I sent out with my cards this year included the expected arrival of another great-grandchild, along with information about my family. I included info on my health, which has greatly improved, including my mind getting clear now that my heart condition has been addressed. I’m still taking some heart medicines, but have reduced them from 5 to 3, plus I am taking the minimum dosages.

I went to Bellingham for Thanksgiving. Rural area. Really nice. Otherwise haven’t gone anywhere this year. No problem, as I’ve been busy.

I am still writing novels, but didn’t finish any books this year as I am trying to get the book of Acts finished for the DVD Show & Tell Bible while I still have my health. This project (1000s of hand-drawn pictures by various artists) was made more difficult as I had to re-do things I thought was done (while in a heart-induced brain-fog). I also put a group of parables and other teachings of Christ onto a program called Doodly. When I do the Gospels (partly done already) I plan to insert the Doodly motion files into it. I am working with my grandson in California to put the Old Testament books up on YouTube, then Acts when it is finished. Hope to eventually get the entire Bible up as a teaching tool.

Look for my novella, Changing Horses, which is a New Year’s story, along with all of my Christmas stories that are on sale. Christmas on Cougar Mountain is free. Look for our Authors’ Billboard Christmas collections that are on sale now.

Early Childhood Education

Keep safe, healthy, and enjoy your life. Have a happy 2024!

Happy New Year Treats for everyone!

I don’t know about you but in my family, it’s not all about the gifts we get at Christmas. Or the parties on New Year’s Eve. It’s about friends and family spending special occasions together. Of course, when I know I’ll be having visitors, a pastime I most enjoy is the baking I do for that time of the year.

I guess a favorite recipe in my house is what we call “German Buns”. They are wonderful treats in the morning with breakfast or at any time during the day. The company, I serve these little goodies to, love them. Best of all, they’re extremely easy to bake. And… they make 24 which is a nice size recipe.

Now I don’t know if they originate in Germany or…  at some time in my youth a lady gave me the recipe who was German and so I named the buns after her. To be sure it isn’t a familiar recipe because I checked German Buns on Google and all I saw were regular yeast-type ones that are in no way like these.

As you’ll see by the photo, they’re more like a cinnamon bun kind of indulgence. The difference is that rather than having cinnamon in the center, they’re filled with coconut and brown sugar. Trust me, I’ve had so many compliments on these treats that I can vouch for the taste.

German Buns

4 cups of flour

1 tsp salt

1 tsp soda

1 cup sugar

2 tsp cream of tartar

1 cup margarine

1 egg beaten

2/3 cup milk

1 tsp almond flavoring

Mix the dry ingredients together. Blend the marg. with the dry ingredients until crumbly. Add egg, almond flavoring, and milk together and then to the flour mixture. Work the dough and form a ball. Cut into two equal pieces and roll out to approx. 1 inch,  spread ½ the filling, roll up, and cut into 12 parts. Bake at 350 oven for 15 – 20 minutes or until golden brown on top.


1 egg

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup coconut

May you all have a wonderful New Year’s weekend and all the best possible in 2023.

Love and hugs from the Authors at the Billboard.


Happy Holidays from Authors’ Billboard

All of us at Authors’ Billboard wish you HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

Happy Holidays


Will it be a… Merry Christmas?

It’s hard not to question whether we should be focusing on this holiday when we see such doom and gloom on TV. Or hear it on the radio. Even from friends who know people… or are people who’ve been sick themselves, or who’ve lost loved ones.

But… we must remember why the day itself is special. For instance, it’s a precious day in the church, the day that Jesus was born. Do you remember singing carols like Away in the Manger as a child and experiencing the glory of the birth of Christ? I do.

Of course, as a child, the most important symbol for Christmas was Santa Claus. I knew there was a bearded spirit who loved every child enough to bring them a gift. Today, I know that he’s just the symbol for us adults who do his deeds. Thank goodness we keep his existence alive for our children to experience the joy of the day that meant so much to us… engraving a memory in their hearts so they can look back as adults.

It’s the joy we need to remember and try to rekindle. Even if we spend the 25th quietly, we must remember to celebrate the day itself. Lord, I can’t bear to think of those who will be isolated… so if every one of us takes a few moments out of the day to send blessings from our hearts to someone we love, pick up the phone and make a call to that person you know will be alone, maybe by thinking of others who have an empty home, we’ll feel better about where we are ourselves.

From my home to yours,

I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a New Year that gets better every day.


Christmas photos that make me smile!!