A Celebration!

On January 16th, I marked a milestone with my 40th book was published! It’s hard to believe that I have now officially published FORTY books!! Rescued, Heal Me Series, Book 4 was released that day and it marks the big occasion!!! I must admit that I have even surprised myself with this!

It’s exciting to think of all the stories that I have released and how many more I still have to write! Who would have thought that back in October 2010 when I came up with my first plot, that I would ever continue writing, much less write over 40!!!

The first year I published (2011), I released two (My Blood Runs Blue & Blue Blood for Life). In 2017, I published 18 with the help of my thirteen book Celebration Series. Right there is half of my published books in two of those years.

With each release, I find myself more humbled by the number of people who download a copy and reach out to tell me how much they enjoyed the story. I am truly humled and so happy that I can touch so many people with my writing and look forward to the future!

Now, how long do you think it will take me to hit 50 books published?

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“Book” your free romantic summer getaway!


Ah, summer, the most glorious time of the year! (Or it is where I live in northern BC, anyway: lush and green–warm, finally–and sooo alive and lovely smelling. 🙂 )

I adore everything about this warmest season, but especially love:

~ Playing in the lake.

~ Road trips. By myself or with my hubby or with a girlfriend or my kids, nothing is more fun than hitting the road for a day or a week. I love that you can feel like you’ve had a real break for cheap, cheap, cheap.

~ Gardening. I do some of my best thinking and most fun daydreaming while I labor in the dirt. (A fact you can read more about here. 🙂 )

~ Meandering along forest trails and out of the way paths. (I’m definitely not a hiker; I am all meanderer. 😉 )

~ Reading on a blanket on the beach. Reading beneath a shady tree. Reading in a comfy chaise lounge in a sunny corner of the house. (Are you sensing a theme here?) Taking a break from reading to listen to an audio book and do some weeding or watering. Reading in a hot car, while my hubby runs a 2-minute errand and spends (inevitably) 45 minutes talking to everyone he knows in the store. (Seriously, I do love that . . . hot car and everything.)

If you’re a book worm, nature lover and romantic at heart like me, you might enjoy “booking” a romantic getaway or two (or five, LOL) to River’s Sigh B & B. Each book in the series makes a great standalone, so jump in with whichever one catches your fancy most . . . but then again, it’s always fun to start off with Book 1, isn’t it? (And lucky you, Book 1, WEDDING BANDS, is free right now. You can also sign up for my newsletter and get another book free–ONE TO KEEP. Enjoy!)

Wedding Bands by Ev Bishop - River's Sigh B & B Book 1 - FreeFall in love at River’s Sigh B & B FREE with Book 1, WEDDING BANDS: 

A terrible misunderstanding separates high school sweethearts, Jo and Callum. When they meet again years later, will they be able to get past their hurt pride and old wounds, or will they go their separate ways permanently?

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When chance throws Sophie and Jesse together at River’s Sigh B & B this New Year’s, they’ll each have to face their worst fears: their unacknowledged yearnings for love that lasts. Can love tempt them to commit? Maybe. If they’re brave enough . . .


Precious and Free

Just because something is free doesn’t mean it has more value than an item that cost hundreds of dollars (or more).
Is that heavy diamond ring you received from that *#!% ex-husband more precious than the beach glass and copper wire ring your now departed daughter made you for Mothers’ Day, years ago?
Is a mass-signed hardcover copy of the current NY Times best-seller more dear than your great-grandfather’s journal of his trek across the Plains with a handcart in 1863? (I really have this!)
I believe value is rated by the heart and not the calculator.
One of a person’s greatest blessings is to know this and to realize that the dearest in life isn’t always tangible.
Savor and recall those tender or giddy moments: the view of sunsets and rainbows of grandeur with that special someone, the excitement of helping that little tyke ride her bicycle by herself for the first time, the birth of that puppy that is now gray-nosed but still full of love for you.
These are most precious and dear and can never be purchased, at any price.
And be generous to yourself and others. Keep a journal and record these events that mean so much to you. Plus, you can relive them when you’re feeling blue and give yourself an attitude adjustment!
And who knows? Maybe your great-great-granddaughter will find your journal and enjoy those moments with you, long after you’re gone.

In the meantime, though, here are a few freebies (good until February 14th, at least): http://bit.ly/2kiByrI  DatePromo.com runs lots of events where folks can win or simply click and acquire (you’re not buying if it’s free, right?) e-books.

He’s not what she thinks he is.

My book, Aye, I am a Fairy is part of this promo and free until February 14, but you can read it at no cost after that on #KindleUnlimited. It may be 2nd in the series, but The Fairies Saga is written so you can read in any order. Just think of it as released in Star Wars order. ; )




Time Travel does exist!

Does Time Travel Really Exist?

Of course, it does! And so does tele-transportation, literally ‘long distance travel.’

Don’t argue the case. I know I’m correct and I’ll prove it. Just pick up the right book and start reading. Next thing you know, you’ll be rafting down the Mississippi in the early 1800’s with Huck and Jim in Mark Twain’s fabulous book, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or dodging pirates in the 1700’s in Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson.

So, if your life today sucks—or even if it’s just less than thrilling—and you want to be somewhere that science and your budget won’t allow, jump on the TT&T Express. Time Travel & Tele-transportation are yours for free with a library card or e-book reader. Literally thousands of books are available every day at little or no cost.

Here’s a time travel story I suggest: Naked in the Winter Wind (marked down to 99 cents for a limited time).

NITWW full 1MB

Imagine yourself in the middle of your favorite novel. Maybe you’re an Outlander fan and want to meet your own Jamie. Ooh. Wouldn’t that be nice? But you have friends and family in this time. Wouldn’t you feel bad if you left (some) of them behind? And how appealing would you be if, like me, you had celebrated several dozen birthdays and never lost those extra pounds after having a baby or five?

Okay. Let’s make this an ideal situation before you meet your Mr. Wonderful. We’ll administer some Fountain of Youth water, toss on a sprinkle of amnesia powder, and voila! The guilt, gut, and wrinkles vanish.

So, what would happen if an older woman from the 21st century fell into a popular historical romance novel? The storyline would certainly wind up different than the original version, wouldn’t it? Evie, our heroine, finds herself in late 18th century North Carolina with nothing but the oversized-clothes she has on and a huge case of amnesia. A backpack full of odds and ends, a huge dog, and a roughed-up man appear in her life. She knows the backpack is hers, but that’s all she knows. The white man dressed in Native American garb can barely speak after the beating he’s received, but she knows he’s different from any man she’s ever met. And he’s kind of cute, too. Kidnappings, creeps, and cougars appear to complicate her life further, but Evie’s quick wit and cunning keep her alive…along with the help from her trusty Leatherman® multitool and a solar-powered smartphone!

Here are a few comments by readers of this first book in The Fairies Saga series:

The characters were vibrant, well rounded, and thoroughly believable in a fast paced plot.

This book had it all, with romance, anger, hate, love, magic potions going back thousands of years, and master time travellers. The ending had me gripping the Kindle and a late – late night.

Don’t rush it – savour it. Highly Recommended.

And if early America is not where you want to be, search Amazon for your ideal time and place and transport yourself to wherever you’d like, no airline ticket or hotel reservation required. Click ‘Look inside’ and sample the author’s style for free before committing money or more time.

Another option: try Book Bites by The Authors Billboard. There are currently two volumes with short samples by fourteen best-selling and award winning authors: Book Bites 1 (contemporary romance) and Book Bites 2 (romantic suspense). And the best part: both are free to download!

Therefore, the next time anyone says that time travel does not exist, you know they just haven’t discovered the right way to do it. Feel free to set them straight.