Summer Fun by @PatriceWilton

It’s that time of the year again when we can get outdoors, enjoy the summer sunshine and warm weather—hit the beach or pool, national or local parks, and get plenty of family time. I’m thinking of sweet corn-in-the-cob, grilled steak, chicken, sausages, practically anything on the grill.

The mellow, golden days of summer. Life has changed over the years, but we still have those good times to bring a smile on your face.

I know times are hard, but being with family is one thing we need to make time for. I have two families who don’t live near me, my daughter and family in New Jersey, and my second daughter and family in Virginia Beach. We are trying hard to make sure we see each other for 4-5 days every year and make this a new tradition.

Last Year’s Summer Adventure

Last year, we were trying for Maine and ended up in Vermont. Near Stowe, and high on a mountain, but such a great place, the brave of heart could go ziplining from the top of the mountain to the half way point. After a five-minute lesson, off you go! They all loved it and made it safely back! The hotel offered many activities and we might end up going back there again.

This year, the working girls managed to get the same time off and we are going to Ashville, N. Carolina. Everyone is enthused about white water rafting and ziplining once again. We will enjoy the beautiful town, and the grounds of the Biltmore.

Both of these trips, not one of us have been to before, so making new family memories is the best way to enjoy life, keep close and connected, for as long as we can. The children will be off to college soon, but until then, we will capture as many moments as possible.

Wishing you all a great summer full of sunny days, laughter, and love. Hope you enjoy some of the pictures below of my summer fun!

Patrice's Family and Nessie

Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation



My Summer Vacation in Vermont by @PatriceWilton

I just returned home after an amazing week with my family in Stowe, Vermont. This summer vacation took four months of planning. As well as two schedule changes that required a cancellation of three rooms at three hotels in MAINE. But we were finally able to find a common date and location for our first get together in over two years.

The stress was worth it in the end. It was a first visit to Stowe for all nine of us. And the expectations of a great time together were not only met but far exceeded what we’d imagined.

Summer Vacation

Two groups drove in; one from Virginia Beach and one from New Jersey. I flew from Florida early the first morning. We spent one night in Burlington at a perfect hotel facing Lake Champlain. The following day we all drove to the stunning mountain top resort, and explored all the amazing attractions in their “village resort.”

The age differences had us doing separate activities, but the two older boys and the youngest girl, with two Dads in tow, all thoroughly enjoyed their zip-lining experience!

Stowe VT

Us four frightened females joined them for a wonderful Alpine lunch, and then watched from the poolside as the brave dare-devils saw their lives flashing by. Not one of them had a nervous moment; they were all filled with joy, experiencing the beauty surrounding them, the exhilaration of the thrill ride, and the perfect sunny day.

Patrice's Family and Nessie

The two families are already talking about returning in January for some skiing. (Don’t tell! But I may stay home in the comfort of the Florida warmth.)

Summer Vacation

Hope you enjoy the pictures which tell a better story than I possibly could! What do YOU plan to do on your summer vacation?