Losing Weight by Mona Risk

In our culture it’s easy to pack up pounds and indulge into eating calorie-dense food. Our body wasn’t designed to overeat high-fat, processed food. While we sit in front of the computer or TV, our body simply converts all this high calorie food into billion of fat cells.

Over the years, I tried every diet on earth. They all worked. Every time, I wanted to lose weight, I became very determined, very disciplined. And I lost the weight. It was the maintenance period that turned into a disaster. I lost focus and fell back in my old routine. And after a few months, the pounds returned.

A friend of my mother, a beautiful old lady told me once when she saw me desperate with my useless efforts. “Do you know that your face is the first place to lose weight? And then the lines form and the wrinkles deepen. Do you want to be a bit overweight and good-looking, or skinny and…”

Okay, I got the message and I bought the Mayo Clinic book on Healthy Weight.

The Mayo Clinic Weight Pyramid is my guide to health now. It shows me the healthy food to eat and the daily quantity in five steps.

1- Calories: Identify a daily calorie level suitable for me. [1000-1200 for women]

2- Servings: Identify the number of serving I should eat from each food group.

3-Serving size: Become familiar with serving sizes for a wide variety of food.

4- Record keeping: It’s important to record the amount of food –calorie–eaten every day.

This is the only non-diet ‘diet’ that’s working for me and allows me to maintain a stable weight and health. While you lose weight in a healthy way, reward yourself with two heartwarming romance novels, newly released at Amazon.

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Losing Weight

I am always looking for new diets or special tricks to lose weight and get rid of my belly fat. In my novel, RIGHT NAME, WRONG MAN, the heroine managed to lose ninety pounds! Why can’t I lose a third of that?

My book case includes a variety of books on the subject.

The South Beach Diet by Arthur Agatston, M.D.
Mayo Clinic on Healthy Weight
Flat Belly Diet by Liz Vaccariello
The Good Herb by Judith Benn Hurley

Over the years I tried the Weight Watcher diet: I lost ten pounds and put back fifteen; Quick Weight Loss: I lost thirty pounds and put back thirty-five; Atkin diet: I lost five pounds and put back six.

Three years ago, I hired a private trainer at the gym. After four months of supervised exercise, I transformed ten pounds of fat into eleven pounds of muscles. So, I was still as heavy as before!

Because I spend eight to ten hours a day sitting in front of my computer I’ve developed an ugly fat belt where my slim waist used to be. Am I a desperate case?

Are you able to control your weight? Any advice?

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