Choosing a Series Title by Nancy Radke

Sometimes a title can make or break a book or a series. It used to be that the book cover was the deciding factor, but in our digital age the title is usually the first thing to catch a reader’s attention.

There are several books that I wouldn’t have read based on the title alone. Then there are titles that intrigue the searcher to go beyond the title and open the selection long enough to view the cover and maybe read the first chapter.

Getting Readers Excited

The same holds true for a collections of titles, but amplified. Readers will read the first book in an anthology, then go back and read all the books in that series if they like it. Because of this, series titles receive a lot of thought.

When the ladies of Authors’ Billboard choose a series title, such as our highly popular The Unforgettables, it is done with much deliberation by the authors in that series. This title keeps the series going while letting each collection in that series have a distinct theme. Unforgettable Danger will contain a different collection of books than Unforgettable Passion or Unforgettable Christmas Dreams.

Series Titles are Important

A title can reflect (and limit) the nature of the content. The title of our popular cozy mystery series, Diehard Dames, was researched to come up with just the right amount of humor plus have a light-hearted feel to it. Then each book in the series had the titles light enough to show that they were “cozy” mysteries. My books, Any Dog Can Follow a Trail of Blood, and Any Dog Can Find a Missing Child would naturally have less blood and danger in them than my thriller, Trouble Never Knocks.

Today, Friday, March 10th, I have my book Closed Doors on sale for 99 cents. This book is available as a free read to Kindle Unlimited members.

Closed Doors


Murder Is To Die For, the first boxed set of the Diehard Dames cozy mystery series!

The Diehard Dames have put together their very first boxed set. If you love cozy mysteries, then get ready for Murder Is To Die For!

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We’re doing something new at Authors’ billboard. In the past, we’ve been known for our gripping romantic suspense, laugh-out-loud romantic comedies and lots of steamy romance. We’re still going to bring you a plethora of great new stories in all of those romance genres, but we’ve ventured into new territory and we’re pretty excited about it. Cozy mystery!

Cozy mysteries are much different than romance in that they are a subgenre of crime fiction. The detective is an amateur sleuth, the murder is committed “off stage” and the story usually takes place in a socially intimate community such as a small town. Cozies can be humorous and also include romance—but the focus is on solving the mystery.

We’ve put together a boxed set of four brand new stories titled Murder Is To Die For. Miss Marple, anyone? If you’ve never read a cozy mystery, think of J.B. Fletcher, the famous mystery writer turned amateur sleuth in the popular television series Murder, She Wrote.

In Murder Is To Die For, the stories are as diverse as they are delightful!

Diehard Dames don’t give up!

These ladies are smart. They’re clever. And they never give up.

Whether on a quest to solve a murder or to right a wrong, they’re tough and determined, ready to step forward when needed.

Join these daring and tenacious amateur sleuths as they solve crime in this collection of ALL NEW Whodunits. Special new release price, too!

Just because they’re amateurs doesn’t mean these ladies can’t get the job done. A few foils, fumbles, and missteps taken only make their tasks more challenging and interesting. Enjoy a few giggles as crime-solving takes on a bright new glow in these light-hearted international mysteries by New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Authors.

Meet the Dames:

Mimi Barbour: Murder in the Mall: The proprietor of a bakery finds the owner of the shoe store murdered. All the mall owners have reasons for this horrendous deed, but who is the culprit? In this small town full of upstanding, warm-hearted people, who can possibly be the cold-blooded killer? New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author.

Denise Devine: Dark Fortune – “Your life is in danger, watch out for the stranger.” Fortune telling was just bunk, right? Stephanie hoped so. USA Today Bestselling Author

Dani Haviland: Crazy Ladies in Capes Debut – Louie witnessed a murder… Or did he? Midtown Anchorage is overrun by crime and this group of little old lady activists is ready to do something about it! USA Today Bestselling Author.

Nancy Radke: Any Lucky Dog Can Follow a Trail of Blood – When Sheriff Craig leaves the city and arrives in the rural county of West Falls, he is soon dealing with the murder of a man everyone wanted dead. So, who wanted him dead the most? He finds that when switching from pavement to mountain trails, a dog with a good nose is a necessity. So, is a pretty woman. USA Today Bestselling Author.


Murder is to Die for Meme

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