The Beauty of Freedom … by @JosieRiviera

July is the time we celebrate the birth of our country and freedom. This year, we are also celebrating our freedom from Covid, and a return to “normal,” or at least our new normal.

As the world begins to open, many of us plan to see family and friends, dine at restaurants, and travel!

My family and I will be celebrating the events we’ve missed. Everything from holidays, a milestone birthday, graduations, new members of the family – two or four-legged – we can safely gather again.

I look forward to a fun afternoon enjoying a delicious, leisurely lunch with a good friend—solving the problems of the world and supporting each other through life’s challenges.

Theaters, concerts, sports, and community events are reappearing. Broadway’s first return was “Springsteen on Broadway” on June 26th and will fully reopen on September 14th. So, book your tickets now!

The return of family vacations is a highlight, and I am ready to travel. In fact, airports are busier than ever! 

This year let’s appreciate our many freedoms.

Happy July!

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The Beauty of July and Friendships @josieriviera #mgtab

Did you know that connection with others is one of the six core needs for human development? It is as important as food and water to our well-being and survival.

We begin to develop connections from birth, with our mom, dad, and siblings. As we grow, so does the group of people we connect and form relationships with. These relationships impact our physical health and are key to our wellbeing even as adults.

Realizing the importance of the relationships in our lives made me think about how to nurture and care for them during this pandemic. Of course. we are not spending a lot of time together physically, so how do we keep our connections alive and well, and thereby, those we care about and ourselves healthy?

Group texts can connect you with a group of family or friends. Maybe a simple good morning or a shared joke, just to get the day started.

Send a handwritten card or letter. Write about a shared experience that holds a special place in your heart or tell that special person why they are important to you.

A care package is a wonderful surprise—anything you know your friend will enjoy. From a book to a gourmet meal, simply order it online.

Host a virtual dinner, happy hour, or family game night. Always fun, and our family loves board games.

There are many examples of ways people are caring for others which you’ve probably seen pop up in your social media news feeds during this crazy time. Neighbors singing from their balconies in Italy, or gathering to applaud frontline workers, closed restaurants supplying meals to those in need are all ways to keep connections alive. May you do the same with those in your circle of friends and family!

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