Goodies everywhere! How fair is that? Maybe I found a cure… uhhh nope! #mgtab







So Christmas is over and that awful ho-hum is upon us. All the hustle and bustle to get everything ready for the big day is gone, the presents have been opened and the fabulous food is just added pounds on thighs that are now feeling a teensy bit ashamed of the overload (speaking personally here….. gulp!)

Even the holiday company has departed with hugs and big kisses, thank yous for their lovely gifts and a heartwarming, see-you-soon good-bye. It leaves the house rather empty.


It leaves all the rest of the food they brought with them and wouldn’t take home….


You’re killing me here. I swear my intentions were to dump that Red Velvet chocolate yule log in the garbage before I made an arse out of myself by eating a goodly portion of it.

That old adage about waiting to lose weight until January 1st as one’s aspiration for a New Year goal is playing in my head with every cookie, handful of nuts and Turtle I’ve eaten. I’ll need two Fit Bits – one for each arm – if I keep this up.

So, I’m figuring to take a garbage bag with me as I raid the cupboards, fridges and freezers to rid myself of all this temptation.

It’s a blasted good idea.

And I’m thinking I should get busy.

Hold it – what if company drops by tomorrow?

OMG – what if my kids surprise me and come home on for the New Year holiday, expecting their treats?

Hell, what if I just sew my lips together….