6 Secrets to a Good Long Life for Baby Boomers

Old man WorkingAs baby boomers reach that stage of life where we’re slipping off the plateau of middle-age, the quest to extend the good life and live long has become popular (understatement). It’s become necessary. For me, if I want to see my (not yet existing) grandchildren grow up, I’d better live to a hundred!

So it’s no surprise that researchers like Dan Buettner of Blue Zone fame have captured the imagination of mainstream Americans (at least those of us of a certain age). Buettner found, researched and documented areas in the world, dubbed Blue Zones, where an extraordinary percentage of people lived to be 100. I’ve adapted some secrets he found that are practiced by the people on the island of Ikaria, Greece. They live long and well an reach the age of 90 at more than twice the rate of Americans.

Naturally we can’t all move to a remote island and duplicate the Ikarian lifestyle exactly with all their secrets to living long, but I’ve adapted the list of secrets to include those things we can all do if we choose. You will be heartened to know that although having good genes is an important factor, your genes only account for 20% in the quest for longevity. There are a lot more factors, but I’ll share my top six that we can start with:

6 Secrets to Living a Good Long Life:

  1. Eat a variety of Greens – think salad every day and herbal tea—lots of anti-oxidant old farmerrich foods!
  2. Lead an active lifestyle – it’s not about going to the gym. It’s about moving around all day. This is tough for those of us who work on a keyboard all day–but not impossible. It wouldn’t hurt to get a pedometer or Fitbit to see how active you really are and then ramp it up!
  3. Toss your watch – slow down the pace of your life and eliminate the strict schedule and that constant sense of urgency (okay—this one may be tough for some of us!)
  4. Take Daily Naps! (I see people cheering in the audience!)
  5. Become part of your Community – embed yourself deeply in a community of like minded and/or nearby people—in your church, your workplace, your neighborhood, your club, your special interest group (book clubs are good!)
  6. Diet rich in Beans, vegetables and olive oil – and short on meats

We can do this!