Apple Strudel and other news… 😊 @melinda_de_ross #mgtab

Happy Apple Strudel Day!

How do you feel about pastries? I adore them, which makes it really hard for me, because I have decided to cut back on sugar and carbs. The pandemic brought me a few extra pounds and a lot more aches and pains than a year ago. While I’ve been putting everything on account of being sedentary, I’m starting to think that eating sugar several times a day might contribute to all that. 🤔

However, I have a lot to show for all those hundreds of hours spent with my butt in the chair, glued to my laptop. It’s been a while since my last news bulletin, so make yourself comfy! 😊

First of all, I am super happy to let you know I sold the gaming rights for three of my books: my suspense romance, The Diary, and two detective mystery romances, Killer Score and Silent Strike, written in my other pen name, Melinda Colt. I don’t know when the games will be developed or in what format, but if you’re subscribed to my NL or follow me on social media, you will be the first to know!

The other news is that you can grab not one, but TWO of my stories for free!

BANG! is a short story that is available exclusively through my newsletter.

The other one, HOOKED, is a re-release of a novella that I wrote last year and which is now free at all major retailers. Whether you’re going on a holiday this summer, you have two beach reads that will give you a free taste of my Lovestruck series – if you haven’t read it already.

Hopefully I left you with a craving for books (and probably pastry). Until next time, I wish you a wonderful summer, stay healthy and happy!






Excerpt from Jade: Perfect Match Beach Series

A multi-author series is fun for both readers and writers. Basically, someone comes up with a story premise and everyone writes their own story while following a set of rules. This summer, a group of us got together to write a story about a matchmaking agency. The premise is to put two strangers together and give them a free one-week vacation. The strangers were selected by the Perfect Match Agency as a promotional tool to show how well their algorithms work. We have six stories total, and my book, Jade, will release Tuesday May 22. Be sure to look for the entire Perfect Match series on Amazon (available through Kindle Unlimited).

A romance author without a romance. A Navy SEAL looking for a little R&R. What could happen in a week on an island getaway?

Jade’s Perfect Match Dating Profile

Miss PITA, Age 25

“The best revenge is massive success.” – Frank Sinatra

Let’s cut to the chase. Most online match profiles are untrue and lame. Everyone is outgoing, a great cook, loves to hike, and yogas themselves into a pretzel on a regular basis.

As if you care.

Me? I’m difficult, entitled, spoiled, and did I say I hate cats? I’m not the type of woman you bring home to mom, I can’t fix stupid, and I most definitely don’t do boring.

Why should you pick my profile?


If you’re looking for a soulmate, don’t look at me. If you’re hoping for the love of your life, keep swiping. But if you’re as sick of dating and relating as I am, then maybe you’re the partner I’m NOT looking for.

Jade is trying to be difficult because even though she writes romance, she’s given up on romance. When she gets matched to Aiden, a cocky and determined Navy SEAL, she’s in for a rough ride. Can Aiden meet and beat the challenge of sweeping a reluctant romantic off her feet?

Jade: Perfect Match takes place on the imaginary Caribbean island of Ile d’Amour, Island of Love, complete with sandy beaches, a lush tropical jungle, and an active volcano. See what mischief Jade and Aiden get into on their one-week Perfect Match date.

Available May 22, or preorder from Amazon.