Love, Romance and Disabilities

heart in pieces
Sickness isn’t romantic. No one wants to start off wanting the worst in For Better or Worst.

But people get sick, they become injured, they change. Can you remember the last book or movie you watched where the hero and herione weren’t in perfect health, if not slightly superhuman?

Unless of course, you’ve watched a disease of the week movie, as one friend described them. And in that case the disability or injury IS the whole movie – or book. Sometimes – often for me – that’s not the type of book or movie I really want to watch.

And as both a reader and writer there’s a part of me that says so what? I read for entertainment, for escape and I like perfect, shiny people. I want to live vicariously in a perfect body. Sometimes escapism is just what the doctor ordered and I don’t have a problem with that.

Given how prevalent in our society these issues are though, it’s amazing I cant’t think of one where the main character has fibromyalgia for instance, or diabetes, arthritis or maybe asthma. And I can see where a character could have these diseases and still be highly functioning.

It could definitely throw a wrench into their crime-fighting abilities. What about a hero who has asthma that’s under control and he NEVER needs his rescue inhaler? And where is it? Not on him. Talk about ratcheting up the tension!

And if a romance heroine has chronic fatigue how is the hero going to react? She looks just like everyone else. Why can’t she do a simple little thing like stop by his place after work and walk the dog? How is she going to react? What will she tell him and when of her illness?

And when she does how will he react? If he dumps her I’m not going to like him. I just watched a Keith Urban video on FB with his wife, Nicole Kidman. Their love for each other shone through in his song The Fighter and a character who reacted the way he does would melt anyone’s heart, mine for sure.