Happy New Year! Why I totally love these three words! #mgtab @mimisgang1

It’s because – they’re a promise.

Think about it.

If the last year has been full of disappointments or difficulties…

If you’ve lost a loved one or suffered distress…

If it seems that the bad times are never-ending…

These three words promise you a new beginning – a chance that your luck will turn. And if you’ve been one of the fortunate people, then it could be better.

Happy is the blessing we all use without really thinking about what it means. It’s the wish we all share that the future will be wonderful. We say it unconsciously but the meaning is quite beautiful.

New is my favorite part of this salutation. If your last year sucked, this new year has the potential to be superior – maybe even the best year of your life. It’s your opportunity to start over, to make a resolution and be a finer version of who you might be. Everyone has this opportunity. It’s free to all of God’s creatures no matter your background. It’s yours to make of it what you want. A chance….

Year just reminds you that time matters. Don’t waste a second of this precious 364 days. Why? Because – soon it will be over. Before you know it, we will be getting ready for Christmas of 2017.

So my friends – let this year shine – that’s my wish for you.

This year of 2017 – let us all shine.