Love Letters from A Snowman

It is the end of the Napoleonic Wars, with both titled men, and farm workers killed on the battlefield. Once flourishing farms lie desolate and decrepit, the horses and cattle long since dead from gangs of starving marauders and famine.

The Right Honourable Owen Balfour, Viscount of Thurleigh, deserted by his wife, is left to bring up his infant son. To his despair, the child is diagnosed as suffering from consumption. He advertises for a governess who is also capable of nursing his beloved Charlie.
Viscount Owen The Right Honourable Barnard Lewis, son of a Baronet is desperate to save his family’s estate and family from starvation, studies to be a physician. Yet, he cannot raise enough funds to complete his final year of training. Much to his horror, his sister, Miss Tabitha Lewis, is determined to help him and the family by seeking employment as a governess. Horrified Barnard tries to stop her, arguing single young women often become victims of an employer’s lecherous advances.

Little did Tabitha, Owen or Barnard realize how a lonely snowman would change their lives.

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