Special Agent Sophia


Sophia, ace sharpshooter, is called on for FBI’s difficult cases. Her uncanny ability to remain cool under duress makes her the perfect person to rescue the Governor’s twins whose rejected husband has whisked away to Greece. Since the agent spent most of her summers in Rhodes, the place works in her favor. Problems begin when a cocky hero hits on her in the marketplace. Why her?

Sam Reagan, owner & CEO of The Reagan Group, promises his frantic sister he’ll follow the FBI agent to the Greek island to ensure his niece and nephew will be safely returned. Understanding his mission has to be covert, he uses an alias & follows the gorgeous woman who’s on the case. At first, he agrees to stay in the background until he sees her. There’s no way he’ll leave her to deal with dangerous traffickers after she saves a teenager & whisks the poor girl away right under their noses.

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