You Make Me Happy

Jocelyn grudgingly takes time off from renovating her kitchen and accepts the sweet older couple’s neighborly invitation for dinner. Unexpectedly, she meets their suave investment banker son and decides he is an enigma from anyone she’s met before. Out of her element, she can’t seem to get her head on straight, be herself, and stop acting weird. While helping in the kitchen, she ends up witnessing her hostess in the throes of an excruciating headache and is baffled when the older woman refuses to call her husband. She admits to Jocelyn that an operating has been planned within a few weeks but doesn’t want her worrywart hubby to find out until closer to the date. Her excuse is… “his fussing will drive me batty, and I have enough to deal with.”

Jocelyn sympathizes but stays firm. “Fine, then tell your son… or I will.”

Bruce has always depended on his mom to be there in his corner. When he finds out he might lose her, his world turns upside down. It’s their new neighbor from across the street who holds him together. Correction – she supports all of them in her warm, gentle manner as the big day approaches. Complete opposites – yet he finds himself drawn to her. Would she give him the time of day if she didn’t care about his mom and stepdad so much?

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