HOT CASE ( Detective Shelley Caldwell Novel) by Patricia Rosemoor

Do you believe in vampires?

A dead woman drained of blood who disappears…a detective who won’t give up the case…

Detective Shelley Caldwell finds a woman drained of blood—but by the time back up arrives, the body is gone. Shelley is determined to work the non-case and is sent to psych evaluation, then goes from being a homicide detective to an instructor at the police academy…
…until another dead young woman is discovered—and disappears like the first one. And this time, the only witness is Shelley’s identical twin.
Donning her sister’s identity, Shelley works as a waitress at a Goth bar and encounters things no rational detective would believe possible—and a man no earthly woman could resist. But can she trust her instincts and find the killer before she becomes the next victim?

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