For Sarah’s Sake

FOR SARAH’S SAKE Sweet Romance and Romantic Suspense
Two-year-old Sarah lost her Syrian mother to cancer and never met her American father, a fallen gold star hero. When she lands in Dr. David Dutton’s office and gives him her mother’s letter, the good doctor forgets to sign his divorce papers and pledges to find Sarah’s paternal grandparents or a loving family to adopt her.
After losing her baby boy, Jennifer Dutton wallowed in grief for three years. Now she wants a divorce from the husband who couldn’t understand her sorrow. Her heart melts when she meets Sarah and reads her mother’s letter. Putting aside her plans for divorce, she moves home to take care of Sarah and decides to adopt her.
The search for Sarah’s relatives brings unexpected results and unsavory encounters. Now David and Jennifer must protect Sarah from the dangerous people who want to take advantage of the orphaned child.

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