The Fierce women are at it again! Jolene, Carolyn, and Diane have gotten their children settled and it’s time to move on to their nieces, nephews, and friends of their kids. Secretly…of course.

Cody McMillan hasn’t known much in life other than protecting and caring for others. It started in childhood when his closest friend was seriously injured, then his father’s accident, and finally watching over his sister. When his sister relocates to Durham to marry, he decides it’s best to follow her and made sure she’s fine. That’s what brothers do, right? Put everyone before themselves? That is until the Fierces get involved and make him see he should put himself first.

Raina Davenport had the unthinkable happen to her in college. She dropped out and returned home to land a job at Fierce Engineering. She is trying to move on with her life and thinks she’s doing a grand job of it. Men and relationships aren’t in her plans…until the Fierce’s get involved and make her see that baby steps are a start, but sprinting gets you there faster.

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