Jingle with my Princess

On SALE in November.

Dr. Scott Pratt has done his best to forget his former girlfriend who left him to marry Prince Paul of Rensy Island. Now Amy is begging him to perform a difficult surgery on her son. Although he’d rather punch her husband, Scott agrees to operate on the toddler prince.
The lovely young woman who greets him at the airport wipes away his doubts with her sassy smile. She is Princess Charlene, the younger sister of Prince Paul. Sweet irony or rotten luck? Scott prefers not to mention anything about his first love.
Charlene doesn’t hide her attraction for Scott. He’s the Prince Charming she’s been waiting for—smart, sexy, determined, and full of tenderness. Despite a few complications, the surgery is successful and Charlene’s kisses reward Scott for a job well done. Nothing compares to the storm of passion between them.
But how can he keep her in his life when they live on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean, and he’s totally dedicated to his patients and Charlene to her principality? When Amy reveals a few secrets, 

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