I Want to Know What Love Is

Sometimes you just fall in spite of yourself, fall blindly and completely for a woman in spite of knowing better, knowing you’re breaking all the rules.
Knowing you could be screwing your entire future. All because she’s the one when you were never looking.
You get blindsided and now you finally know what love is all about when you were sure it was all a myth.
Pain. Suffering. Sacrifice.
Life. Breathing. Ecstasy.
And the woman you can’t be without, can’t erase from your soul no matter what anyone else tells you.
No matter if you could lose your future, everything you worked for, all your football dreams, just when you’re on the brink of achieving everything…
But what does she do? Will she really leave me, rip my heart from my chest and toss everything we are, as if love is meaningless in the name of saving me?

I Want to Know What Love Is answers the question in gorgeous painful angsty detail. Prepare yourself for an emotional rollercoaster of epic proportions and enjoy the ride. This steamy college sports romance is a stand-alone story in the world of St. Paul University. The St. Paul U Players is a spinoff series of the Big Men on Campus series. (Warning: Language and sex for a mature audience.)

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