He Has a Baby

What’s worse than having your nanny quit the minute you arrive in a new city to start the hockey season with a new team?
Absolutely nothing.
Except maybe meeting a hot and nurturing woman who volunteers to jump in and play your emergency nanny–and not being able to touch her because she’s off-limits. Lost and grieving, she’s vulnerable and the best friend of the team Captain’s wife. Not someone to fool with.
Did I mention she’s a supermodel? Not good. My ex was a model and left me and my baby to pursue her modeling career.
The last thing I need is another flight risk.

So… I’m stuck between a hot super model nanny and a hard AF dick with no where to go.

What’s worse than falling for a precious baby girl who’s not yours? Falling for her daddy too–when you can’t have either of them.
I lost my grams and I have no where to go with my aching heart, with the need to love and care for someone. When I walk out on my supermodel career, some people think I’m flighty. But when I volunteer to nanny for Rafe’s baby in an emergency, my best friend thinks I’m crazy.
Crazy, lost and flighty. I’m a total hot mess in no shape for a relationship. I can’t imagine committing to anything for long.

So… I’m stuck between a hot hockey player with his baby girl and a hard choice about what to do with my life.

He Has a Baby is a full length New Adult hockey romance set in the world of the Boston Brawlers hockey team. You’ll see players from other stories drop in for fun, but this book was written to be read as a stand-alone. If you love hot hockey players, forbidden romance and sizzling attraction with all the feels right up to the satisfying happy ending, you’ll love this story! (Contains sex and language for mature audiences.)

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