Dark Fortune

Stephanie Jones’ relationship with her boyfriend is dead in the water. Literally…

Jock Tanner has stood up Stephanie for the last time. She’s had it with their on-again, off-again relationship and plans to end it permanently. That is, if he’d just answer his darn phone! Convinced he’s avoiding her, she heads to his cabin cruiser on the marina to confront him and finds him there, but he’s not talking. He has a knife stuck in his chest.

A large cache of diamonds is missing from the vault in Jock’s jewelry store and his partner believes it’s in Stephanie’s possession. So does everyone else in Jock’s orbit. Before his death, that’s what he’d confided to several close friends. The trouble is, she doesn’t know anything about the diamonds or if they even exist, but no one believes her. She’s determined to let it go and get on with her life until her house is ransacked and her garden is destroyed by someone searching for them.
Teaming up with Jock’s cousin, she uncovers Jock’s deepest secrets until she’s confronted with the greatest secret of all–his murderer.

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