A Window to Love

Sam peered through the window; where was Tammy? She’d promised to be with Sam in less than an hour. After a life-threatening car accident, Samantha used a wheelchair to get around, but this would only be for a few months. Nevertheless, movement was still painful. Moreover, her adult children lived some distance from her, so Sam depended on her close friend Tammy.
As Sam waited, she espied a beautiful and rather large dog bound across the garden lawn to her window. The owner was nowhere in sight. Perhaps the dog was a stray? As Sam wheeled the chair closer to the window, her dog Lucy jumped up onto the sill and began her frantic barking. This enticed the larger dog nearer the window. Still, there was no sign of an owner.
Sam knew she had to save the dog wandering further astray. Should she phone the police? Where was Tammy? Now cursing silently, Sam struggled to the cell phone; darn it, the battery needed recharging, and her mainline phone was upstairs. She peered despairingly through the window and, to her relief, saw the dog trotting happily at the side of a reasonably handsome, reasonably aged man. But to Sam’s dismay, the dog seeing her, stopped and pulled at the lead to cross the lawn. The dog was obviously enamored of Lucy now shrieking a welcome. Sam was not surprised; Lucy was such a flirty miss.
As Sam lifted the curtain slightly for a better look, the man turned, grinned, and then waved. Sam shot back behind the curtain. Blast. She didn’t want him knocking on her door. After all, she was home alone and injured. Not a good position to be in with a strange man, especially as the T.V. and newspapers recorded such frightening attacks these days. She didn’t return the wave back and dropped the curtain abruptly. But she couldn’t resist a last peek. The man still stood there, beaming and waving.
Little did Sam realize this was just the beginning of a stream of giddy and sometimes frightening adventures with this reasonably good-looking man and his handsome dog.

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