Beachcomber Enemy

If someone wants him dead, Dane figures why not accommodate them?
Private Investigation partners Dane Blaise& Shana George barely escape the attempt on their lives. Dane insists they need go on the run as ghosts to track down their killers. It’s the best way he knows to protect Shana from harm.
Shana is uneasy with the plan. Something doesn’t feel right about it, as if their killer knows they’re alive and Dane & Shana are playing into his hands. Should she defy Dane’s plan?
They need to find out who is out to get them. Dane assumes it’s an enemy from his past.
But could it be an enemy from Shana’s past with a score to settle…

What readers are saying about the Beachcomber Investigations series:
“stories that get you hooked and characters that you won’t soon forget. I can’t wait to read the next case these two find themselves on. If you love your romance books filled with mystery and suspense, this is the series for you!”–Amazon Reviewer
“This series is hard to put down. The excitement of the cases coupled with the intense and complicated love connection keeps you reading and guessing till the end.”–Amazon Reviewer

If you love steamy romance combined with a dangerous thrill ride and irresistible characters who compel you to root for them, then this is your series!

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