Your Kiss Is On My List

New Release

It may be a bad idea to pretend I’m dating my kid sister’s best friend.
Not to mention awkward because our friend zone is bordered by barb wire and even though I’ve known her since she had scraped knees and missing front teeth, she’s not that kid anymore.

Now? She’s a knockout who has my heart beating too fast and other body parts standing at attention.

And then there was that kiss…
Back in 7th grade when we were both still awkward. I still dream about it even though we’ve been nothing but friends since. Still compare that kiss to every kiss since.
Never mind.

A favor is a favor–and I owe her.
I just hope she doesn’t regret getting herself into bed with the wrong guy–or right guy.
Because I may have changed my mind about that friend zone status. I may be up to climbing over some barbed wire. For that kiss…

Your Kiss Is On My List is a slow burn with equal measures angst and fun while our couple sorts through the hurt and joy of figuring out that long ago kiss was a promise and meant to be. This steamy college sports romance is a stand-alone story in the world of St. Paul University. The St. Paul U Players is a spinoff series of the Big Men on Campus series. (Warning: Language and sex for a mature audience.)

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