The Beachcombers

Ex-special ops legend Dane Blaise never wanted a partner, but he owed the governor. Working alongside gorgeous Scotland Yard detective Shana George to find a missing heiress would either drive him crazy–or get someone killed….

Before disappearing, the beautiful heiress entered a surfing competition on Martha’s Vineyard. Dane and Shana go undercover in the competition to track her down, but they find far more than they expected. The shady operation is backed by international players in the human trafficking trade.
And now the human traffickers have their sights on Shana.

Dane is determined not to lose another woman on his watch, but can he stop himself from losing his heart and soul to Shana George?

What reviewer are saying about THE BEACHCOMBERS:

“Beachcombers is fast past and an easy and enjoyable read… filled with plenty of sexual tension and a creepy bad guy. Enjoyed and look forward to reading more from Ms. Queen.”–Romantic Picks Reviews

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