The Bangkok Affair: Sizzling International Intrigue

Praise for The Bangkok Affair…..

“The team of special agents stalk the mysteriously dangerous streets of Bangkok chasing a gang of computer hackers who include murder in their 21st century hacking skills. Breathtaking, scarily real! Add in the sexiest special agent alive and the fiery redhead and you have a book you can’t put down!” Action Junkie

“If you’re concerned about the effect of cyber-crime on your personal life, be more concerned. It’s real and it’s happening now. Rafe, Nicki and the gang come face to face with the future in one of the most exciting sexy thrillers I’ve read.” SMT Reviews

“I didn’t think anything could top The Moscow Affair for sheer sizzling Romantic Suspense. But The Bangkok Affair was worth waiting for. Memorable characters, an unbelievably well researched plot, and a sizzling love story keeps you on the edge of your seat.” Upping the Ante

•The ISA gang is at it again. Tracking the world’s most dangerous criminals and heating up the sheets in the process
•Think your medical devices can’t be hacked? Think again!
•A series of murders so clever that only ‘off the grid’ special operatives can track down the killers

More Praise…

“Rafe and Nicki are at it again. The feisty redhead proves that orders are for others to obey. Going undercover in a high end Bangkok brothel brings her face to face with a villain as charming as he is evil. Fortunately her bad-ass lover doesn’t take a back seat to any man. Sparks fly both inside and outside of the bedroom! “ J. John

“A spellbinding suspense filled international adventure coupled with a sizzling SEXY romance. Yum!” Sneaky Romance Reader

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