Liam’s Wild Irish Rose

“Joan Reeves packs this quick read with memorable characters and Texas charm plus some emotional twists that leave the reader feeling they can find Liam and Maura in the Lone Star State, and enjoy a ‘green beer’ with the two lovers.” —eBookLuver

Maura O’Reilly didn’t want a relationship. Just the thought of being tied to one man made her anxious. No matter how many times she told Liam it was over, her resolve and good intentions always melted away. What was she going to do?

Of all the women in the world, Liam Harper had to fall for the one who seemed to have no interest in him. At least no interest outside of the bedroom. A lot of men would think that was the perfect relationship—hot sex with a beautiful woman who had no interest in a relationship. But he wasn’t one of those men. He wanted Maura, and he wanted more than sex. Could he have the luck of the Irish and finally get Maura to commit to him?

Liam’s Wild Irish Rose is Book 4 of a 13-story series, A Moment in Time. (A Moment in Time is all that’s needed for Love to be revealed!) These highly sensual romance short stories by Joan Reeves, a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, introduce new characters with each story and bring back the heroes and heroines of previous stories.

“Joan Reeves…Keeping Romance Alive—One Sexy Book at a Time”

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