Blame It On Chocolate

Chloe Elliot was the town’s good girl. She’d never been a hell-raiser. In fact, she’d lived a life above reproach. Truthfully, it really hadn’t been that difficult.

Until Hunter Cole returned to his home town.

That was the beginning of Chloe’s fall from good girl status. There was just something about the man that addled her brain and created havoc in her body.

Hunter Cole knew he had the best of all possible worlds. He’d played for the NFL, and now he was happily following in his dad’s footsteps—working the family ranch and taking over as sheriff in his home county in Texas. Life was perfect.

Until he dropped by the library to say hello to his best friend’s little sister.

Chloe wasn’t so little any more. Just looking at her made his common sense evaporate. Everything about her turned his world upside down—and he had no idea what to do about the situation.

Blame It On Chocolate is Book 3 of a 13-story series, A Moment in Time. (A Moment in Time is all that’s needed for Love to be revealed!) These highly sensual romance short stories by Joan Reeves, a NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, introduce new characters with each story and bring back the heroes and heroines of previous stories.
“Joan Reeves…Keeping Romance Alive—One Sexy Book at a Time”

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